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Lots to love in laid-back Liipola – 6 tips to learn about the district

The Liipola district of Lahti is full of life. Leisure opportunities and services are close at hand, but you can also enjoy your packed lunch in proper wilderness at the local lean-to shelter.

Located in Southern Lahti, Liipola is home to around 4,500 people. Liipola is a special in that you can spend time in a proper wilderness area in the middle of the suburb. You can also take a break from everyday hustle and bustle at the clubroom or visit the largest pet shop in Lahti.

See our 6 tips to learn about Liipola.

1. Low-threshold parish hall

No matter how stormy it may be outside or how mighty the sound of the church organ, it is always peaceful in the parish hall. Diaconal workers offer a drop-in service in the back room that anyone can use. The idea is to provide a low-threshold support service, and no-one will ask you if you are a member of the church or not. Some may want to discuss emotional issues, but most sessions are to do with finding solutions to financial problems. Food assistance is also often available.

Liipola Parish Centre, Ostoskatu 7

2. Easy-going activities at clubroom

The clubroom at the Liipola residents’ centre is open on working days from 9:00 to 14:00. This is a place for having coffee, reading papers and magazines and chatting with people. There are also crafts sessions and lectures on themes such as fire safety.

Liipolan asukastupa residents’ centre, Pihtikatu 3 E, entrance from courtyard, open Mon–Fri 9:00–14:00

3. Walks in the wilderness

The trees are tall and it is hard to believe that the apartment buildings of Liipola are only a stone’s throw from here. At the Liipola lean-to shelter you can experience proper wilderness, and the site is also frequented by groups of children from day care centres and schools. The site is accessible by wheelchair and baby transport.

Lean-to shelter (laavu), 300-metre walk from the end of Jyrkänkatu street

suhde31 vaaka Liipola

4. All things animal at the pet shop

All sorts of things have happened at Lahti’s largest pet shop, MiniRahula, over the years. There have been cases of rodents and birds escaping, but luckily they have always been caught and brought back. Most days at the pet shop are, however, quite calm as the most popular things for sale here are aquarium fish, such as neon tetras, and dog food. The online shop for pet food and other small items is also a big part of the pet shop’s service.

MiniRahula Lahti, Paasi 2

5. Community centre with a multitude of services

The Liipola community centre Onni offers a multitude of services, such as school, day care centre, library, adult education centre, and oral health care. In the afternoons, school pupils can attend open crafts and games clubs. Facilities for meetings or sports can also be hired at the centre, providing leisure time opportunities also for locals other than children and young people from the school and day care centre.

Liipolan monitoimitalo Onni community centre, Ostoskatu 3

6. Relaxed pub for local entertainment

Liipola’s Villiruusu is a legendary local pub and restaurant. Many people come here for a chat over a drink, while fun and games for the mind and body are available in the form of pub quizzes, pool and table tennis. At weekends the microphone is open for karaoke and good dance music, and on Sundays it is time to get together for a bingo session.

Pub-restaurant Ravintola Villiruusu, Ostoskatu 8-10

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