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Rental apartment in Epilä − close-to-nature living in the middle of the city

SATO's rental apartments in Epilä are located next to the green parks of the beautiful Vaakkolammi area. In this neighbourhood you can also enjoy a hot sauna in the legendary Rajaportti or a hot dog at the best traditional fast-food place in Tampere.

Located in Western Tampere, Epilä caters for everyone with its areas of detached and terraced houses as well as apartment buildings. The bus to the centre of Tampere takes ten minutes, and the shores of southern Lake Pyhäjärvi and northern Lake Näsijärvi are less than ten minutes by foot.

See our 6 tips to learn about Epilä.

1. Splendid old sauna

The air is fresh with a sweet smell of sauna. Rajaportti Sauna has become a cultural institution and has faithful regular visitors. First opened in the early 1900s, this is the only one of Tampere’s old public saunas that is still operational. It is known not only for its lively regulars but also for its pleasant quality sauna bath experience. And everyone is welcome to visit!

Pispala Sauna Association, Pispalan valtatie 9

2. Guaranteed fresh

You will be able to smell fresh bread in the area by the old leather factory. The Jussinhannan Leipä bakery and cafe is the place for delicious cakes, bread rolls and pastries. The cafe is known for its fresh selection: the breads and cakes are made during the night before, and the products are never frozen.

Jussinhannan Leipä Oy, Tohlopinranta 24

3. Animal health care

The pet health clinic Reviiri has operated at the Epilä Haapalinnankylä shopping centre since 2008. The experienced staff are available for a variety of treatments. The clinic specialises in dogs and cats, but first aid is provided for all species.

Eläinlääkäriasema Reviiri Oy, Pispalan valtatie 91

4. Stunningly good sausages

Vaakon nakki is regarded by many as the best traditional fast-food place in Tampere, and its story began in 1962 with a mobile sausage cart. This culinary institution has operated in the current location in Pispala, next door to Epilä, since the turn of the 1980s. The selection is huge and you are guaranteed not to leave hungry. A fire in 2010 almost destroyed the legendary eatery, but its operations were restored thanks to an internet support group.

Vaakon nakki, Pispalan valtatie 37

Suhde31 SATO Vuokra asunnot Tampere kaupunginosa ENG

5. Flying frisbees

The Epilä disc golf course was designed by one of the Finnish top names of the sport, Jussi Meresmaa. DiscGolfPark is an easy place to have your first go at the game as you will not be required to pay any membership or green fees. The 9-hole park course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced golfers.

Epilä DiscGolfpark, Rankasillankatu

6. Windscreens fixed

Many people blame studs flying off winter tyres for windscreen damage, but by far the most common reason is small stones from the road hitting the windscreen. The key thing in windscreen repair is to have it fixed right away when it may still be possible to repair the damage without changing the entire windscreen. Tampereen Autolasipalvelu has more than 20 years of experience in windscreen repair and replacement. In addition to speed, a lot of care and skill is required in windscreen fixing.

Tampereen Autolasipalvelu, Pispalan Valtatie 91

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