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The Western Vantaa district of Myyrmäki is a mecca for Finnish graffiti art where cars are washed by hand and the library gets very busy. SATO's rental apartments in Myyrmäki are located near good services and many leisure opportunities.

Located by the Ring Rail Line right by the border of Helsinki, Myyrmäki has the largest population among the districts of Vantaa. This is a district for blossoming street art, kids having fun and skateboards cruising down the streets – a district full of life.

See our six tips to learn about Myyrmäki.

1. Wide range of opportunities at the sport park

Myyrmäki Sport Park is a concentration of sports and events venues comprising the Energia-Areena, two ice stadiums, football stadium, track & field stadium and indoor sport venue with a gym and squash courts. The sport park is located close to main roads and therefore easy to access. If you get tired of being a mere spectator at the sport park, you can grab your ice skates at weekends and head for the public ice-skating events at the ice stadium.

Myyrmäki Sport Park, Raappavuorentie 10

2. Gentler car washes by hand

If you want your car all clean and shiny, head for the Myyrmanni shopping centre’s parking facility and look for the Cleanpark car wash service. At this car wash there are no machines: everything is done by hand. Instead of solvents, they use car shampoo here, and the staff is always gentle on the paintwork by using sponges and brushes. In addition to regular washes, interiors are also cleaned, seats done up and tyres changed at Cleanpark. In the meanwhile you can visit the shopping centre.

Autopesu Cleanpark, Iskoskuja 3 C

3. Professional pet health care

At Länsi-Vantaan eläinklinikka your pet will be treated by experts. Most of the patients are cats and dogs, but the clinic also sees a lot of rabbits and guinea pigs. All treatments excluding orthopaedic surgery are available. Evening appointments are popular, but it will usually not take long to get a vet to see your pet. Efforts are made to see urgent cases immediately.

Länsi-Vantaan eläinklinikka, Liesikuja 4

suhde31 vaaka Myyrmäki

4. Feelgood second hand shop for all your needs

If you are looking for bargains and at the same time want to help a good cause, head for the Fida Second Hand Shop. The place is like a department store – you will find everything here. Many people come here for clothes, but at times you will also find valuable antique items on the shelves. All items are donations, and the proceeds are used for Fida’s activities, most of which are development cooperation projects. Those visiting often can get a regular customer card and get a 20% discount of purchases amounting to €20 or over. At times there are also theme days at Fida with added discounts.

Fida Second Hand Shop, Liesitori 1 (Kauppakeskus Isomyyri, 2. krs)

5. Busy library provides guidance to kids as well as grandparents

Myyrmäki Library is located in the heart of Myyrmäki in the Myyrmäki House. This is a busy library with around 600,000 loans taken out every year, which means 1,600 items are borrowed every day. The library makes an extra effort in maintaining a diverse children’s section as children are one of its most important user groups. Those more advanced in years are given guidance in issues such as information searches and computer use. In addition to local residents, the library gets a lot of visitors from the Espoo side as well as western parts of Northern Helsinki.

Myyrmäki Library, Myyrmäki House, Paalutori 3

Suhde31 SATO Vuokra asunnot Vantaa kaupunginosa ENG

6. Graffiti art in underpasses and at train station

Myyrmäki is seeking status as Finland’s unofficial graffiti capital. In recent years, the Myyrmäki Movement has provided five underpasses a colourful look with legally painted graffiti. The renovation of the Myyrmäki train station involved a transformation of the overall appearance of the station as the largest piece of street art in a public space in Finland was painted at the station.

Myyrmäki area underpasses

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