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Amiraalinkatu2 Uusi talo havainnekuva EN

The SATO house on Amiraalinkatu 2, Katajanokka, Helsinki, had come to the end of its days: the structure of the house was damaged. We demolished the building, and constructed a new house to replace the old one. The new house will comply with the existing city plan.

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SATO donated the used home appliances from Amiraalinkatu 2 to the Reuse Centre. Read more »

You can find the bulletins of the demolition work and schedules below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: either amiraalinkatu(at), SATO's Construction Manager Jari Kiesilä (phone 020 334 443,, Varte Oy's Construction Manager Jari Hyvärinen (phone 050 309 6727) and Varte Oy's Site Foreman Panu Keränen (phone 040 198 5165).

24 jan 2020 | The new building will be completed in the end of March

The work at Amiraalinkatu 2 has progressed within the scheduled timeframe and there are left only the finishing work. New residents will be moving to the brand new homes in the end of March. Please note that during the movings, there might be more traffic nearby Amiraalinkatu 2.

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23 May 2019 | Frame stage completed

Frame stage work at Amiraalinkatu 2 has progressed within the scheduled timeframe. Our aim is to complete the roof work and facade masonry during August. We have started indoor stage and from now on most of the work will be done inside the building.

Amiraalinkuja will remain partly closed because of the yard work. Amiraalinkatu will be opened for vehicles on week begininng 27 May. However, the pavement in front of the Amiraalinkatu 2 will remain as worksite.

We will disassemble the tower crane in the beginning of June. This may cause some temporary transport arrangements and we will inform the residents in the neighbour area about this

14 Jan 2019 | The frame stage begins
  • The foundation work for the new building has progressed well and within the scheduled timeframe. Our aim is to fully complete the foundation work during February.

  • We started to install the actual prefabricated structure on Monday 14th January. We are now continuing the frame stage work, so the new building begins to rise on the building ground during the winter and early spring. According to the preliminary schedule, the frame stage will take until April 2019.

  • The road is closed in front of the Amiraalinkatu 2 worksite until 29th March 2019 because of the lifts of the elements. The pavements are open normally.

21 Nov 2018 | Foundation work begins
  • Deep foundation work has progressed well and within the scheduled timeframe, so we will be able to complete the work at the turn of November/December (by the end of the week beginning 26 November).

  • The removal of contaminated soil will be completed during the week beginning 26 November.

  • We will start foundation work for the new building on Monday 26 November. Our aim is to fully complete the foundation work during February 2019.

  • On 5 December, a tower crane to be used to install structural elements will be set up on the property. Installation of elements starts on 10 December with prefabricated foundations. Transport of elements may require exceptional traffic arrangements. We will inform you of these separately.

  • Work to install the actual prefabricated structure of the building will continue in January and, according to the preliminary schedule, will take until April 2019.

  • To ensure work safety, we will use strong lights at the worksite when it is dark outside. We will direct the lights towards the work area to minimise any light reflecting at nearby apartments.

18 Oct 2018 | Deep foundation work begins on 29 October
  • We fully completed demolition work during the last week of September.

  • Deep foundation work begins on 29 October 2018 and will cause noise in the area. Deep foundation work is scheduled to be completed by 21 December 2018, but our aim is to get the work done already in early December.

  • We will comply with the working hours determined by the City of Helsinki in the deep foundation work: Deep foundation work is permitted from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 18:00. and from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:00 when the work takes place within 10 metres from a residential apartment.

  • Before the deep foundation work begins, an external consultant will inspect the neighbouring buildings and install vibration meters in them. We will use the vibration meters to monitor that the vibration caused by deep foundation work will not exceed the permitted values.

  • A group of portable containers has been set up in the car parking area on the Katajanokanranta side to serve as personnel facilities for construction site workers.

  • We started the removal of contaminated soil on 17 September. In accordance with the environmental permit, the soil will be taken to various final disposal sites. This will result in some truck traffic in Katajanokka.

  • We estimate that the removal of the contaminated soil will be completed by mid-November.

12 Sep 2018 | Soil rehabilitation begins on 17 September
  • Most of the building demolition work has now been completed. We were able to control dust caused by the demolition work through continuous wetting and blasting mat use.

  • We still need to demolish the basement and foundations. The demolition work will be fully completed in early October.

  • We will begin the removal of contaminated soil from Amiraalinkatu 2 starting from 17 September 2018. Test holes for extra samples will be made on the site already before that. Extra samples are needed for contaminated soil rehabilitation and the choice of soil disposal sites.

  • The removal of contaminated soil is estimated to be completed at the end of November.

  • Waste transport and soil rehabilitation will cause above-normal volumes of heavy-duty transport in Katajanokka in September–October.

31 Aug 2018 | Amiraalinkuja will be closed temporarily on Wed 5th Sep

We are temporarily closing Amiraalinkuja on Wednesday 5th September. Demolition of the opposite wall to the Amiraalinkuja lasts approximately for one week, after which we will open Amiraalinkuja for pedestrians again.

During the demolishing of the facade, tiles can detach from the wall and fall on the street. We are placing a blast protection mat near the wall, so that possibly falling tiles fall in to the safety area next to the building.

Progression of work
The demolition works have advanced as planned and according to the schedule.

  • Inner demolition works were completed by the end of August, after which we began demolishing the building’s facade.

  • During the last few weeks, the work has been done with two machines, one machine demolishes and the other separates the waste. Starting from week 36, we are continuing the work with three machines.

  • The demolition works are estimated to be completed in the early October.

During September and October, truck traffic in the area will increase temporarily. This is because the waste originating from the building is being transported for further processing and we are starting renovation of the land.

10 Aug 2018 | Situation update on demolition work

Work schedule and progress made

  • Good progress is being made in demolition work inside the building, and the work will be completed during the week beginning 13 August.

  • The demolition of the building using earthworks machinery started around a week behind the original schedule. This delay will not affect the overall demolition work schedule.

  • We have received feedback about sand dust. Following the removal of plants from the courtyard, dust was spread by wind into the surrounding environment. In addition to wetting, we have salted the courtyard to prevent dust lift-off.

  • Due to the exceptionally dry period, we will continue to pay special attention to wetting and dust control. This may result in temporary above-normal dirt levels on the streets. If this happens, we will take care of street cleaning.

9 Jul 2018 | The demolition of the buildings to begin on 30th July

• Starting from 16th July we are bulldozing the vegetation off from the Amiraalinkatu yard
• The actual demolition of the buildings will begin on Mon 30th July and is estimated to last from 3 to 4 months.
• The demolition work will cause noise, so we aim to do it as fast as possible.
• We are watering the building during the demolition to avoid excess dust.
• There will be truck traffic in Katajanokka due to removing the debris and rubble from the work site.

5 Jul 2018 | Estimated schedule of demolition and construction
2 Jul 2018 | Traffic arrangement - preliminary map
2 Jul 2018 | Worksite set up and demolition work starts at Amiraalinkatu 2 on 9 July 2018

What’s up at the Amiraalinkatu 2 worksite

  • Setting up and fencing off the worksite starts on Monday, 9 July 2018

  • Demolition work inside the building will cause some extra traffic in Katajanokka.

  • The building will be torn down with machines and this work starts in week 30 (23–29 July). The work causes loud noise and we will strive to complete it as quickly as possible. Amiraalinkatu street will become narrower at the worksite but remain open for traffic.

The excellent questions and suggestions we received at the briefing held on 27 June will be taken into account when making arrangements for the worksite. We will do our best to ensure that the demolition causes as little as possible inconvenience in your neighbourhood of Katajanokka. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the Amiraalinkatu 2 worksite – we will be happy to help!

Demolition: Site foreman Raimo Lehtimaa, Delete Oy, phone 040 842 4055
Demolition and construction in general: Construction Developer Jari Kiesilä, SATO Corporation (phone 020 334 443,
Construction of new building: Deputy Managing Director Jarkko Ilkka, Varte Oy,, phone 040 5190 174

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