Does SATO rent B2B apartments and employee accommodation?

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Rental apartment for a company - home for an employee

In cities SATO RentHomes are located by excellent transport links and close to services and workplaces, so SATO RentHome is an excellent choice for employee accommodation. Your company can rent an apartment from us and sublet it to an employee.

Effortless rental housing for your employee

Employee accommodation is a significant benefit for an employee, especially when relocating to Finland or moving cities for work. There are plenty of arrangements to do and things to remember when moving and starting a new job, so the employer’s help is often welcome. We are happy to work with relocation companies and help them find suitable rental homes for expats. Your company should also consider renting an apartment if you want to offer accommodation as a part of managerial contract.

Employee accommodation is an asset

Renting an apartment for an employee is also beneficial for the company, as it makes it possible to attract the best professionals from all over the world to work for your company. Including the housing benefit into an employee’s salary can even be a financially viable option.

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