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In SATO RentHomes the rent includes a broadband connection (22,000 homes), pets are always welcomed, the laundry rooms in the house is free and SATO residents get valuable deals from our partners.

Customer promises
  • Security deposit €0° in most of SATO apartments (minimum renting term one year). Read more about the security deposit »

  • We will refund the security deposit on your request after a year of flawless residence. Read the terms in the front page of the request form.

  • Internet connection is included in the rent of around 22,000 SATO RentHomes. The basic speed will increase from 10M to 50M during the spring 2022.

  • Residents can use laundry and drying rooms free of charge.

  • Pets are allowed.

  • You can ask for a SATO painting kit if you want to renovate your home. Read more about DIY renovation »

  • Our new homes are smoke-free.°°

  • We will respond to your fault reports in a day on working days.

  • We will respond to written complaints in two days on working days.

  • You can take part in our wide range of customer events.

  • You will receive diverse benefits from our partners.

  • Kotona is the place to find new reading almost daily - tips for home, stories from your neighborhood, articles of interesting people...

°Please note that the amount of security deposit may differ from the above if your credit history shows payment defaults.
°°Smoking is prohibited in the terms of agreement of your lease. In addition the newly built or newly renovated houses that SATO owns completely are altogether smoke-free, including the yards and balconies.

Customer benefits

There are so many more home related services and products than we can ever offer to our residents. That is why we are constantly negotiating better benefits from other companies for our customers.

Take a look at the benefits »

In the near future the benefit codes and details can be found in OmaSATO.

Events for SATO customers
Current customer events

We love to arrange fun events like circus shows, movie screenings and summer theater tickets for our residents. The best way to keep yourself updated on these events is to register to OmaSATO. The upcoming events will also be promoted on our Kotona newsletters as well as the front page of


Regional events
SATO residents have also come up with ideas and organised their own regional customer events and, for example, in Tampere the residents' event day is held every year.

Building-specific events
Building-specific events are either official residents' meetings or communal tidying-up events, parties and other get-togethers based on residents' own activism. Many SATO buildings have a residents' committee or elected official. They cooperate with the building manager in issues related to the building's management and maintenance. The residents' committee is not, however, the only form of cooperation available. Instead, activities and events for the building can also be organised in other ways.

It is, however, important to agree with the building's Service Manager in advance about any events and activities.

Regional residents' meetings and national cooperation body
As regards rental homes, SATO also organises official regional residents' meetings and the national cooperation body meeting every year.

The regional meetings are usually held in September-October and the cooperation body meeting in November. Invitations to regional residents' meetings are sent to the chairs/elected officials of the residents' committees of those buildings the issues of which will be discussed at the meeting. Issues in accordance with the Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings are considered at the meetings in particular.

Representatives to the meetings of the national cooperation body are elected at regional residents' meetings.