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We hope you enjoy your home and are able to decorate it to your taste. In addition to furniture and textiles, surface materials play a major role in the atmosphere of your home. Therefore, you can request a free painting kit from SATO and carry out a small-scale painting renovation in your rental apartment.

If you would like to carry out a more comprehensive do-it-yourself (DIY) renovation in your rental home, you can request permission from your home building's service manager.

Request painting kit via OmaSATO

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SATO offers a free painting kit (maalaussetti in Finnish) to those who want to paint their home.

You can request the painting kit by sending us a message via OmaSATO (under Home maintenance category). Tell us in your message from which K-Rauta store you would like to collect the kit and which paint colours you would want to include in it. SATO will estimate the amount of paint needed based on the size of your home. If you need paint for a smaller space, please let us know when placing the request. More info on SATO colours below.

Our customer service will process your order within two business days, order the paints from the K-Rauta of your choice and send you a confirmation message. Remember that you can pick up the paints only after receiving the confirmation.

Please note that in certain situations we may deny your request for a painting kit, for example, if your contract is about to end or we have issued a summons to you.


painting instructions, sandpaper, filler, painter’s cap, pre-paint cleaning agent, masking tape, paint roller and extension pole, paint edger, set of brushes, putty knife.


The kit will also include the required amount of Tikkurila "Nova 7" wall paint if you pick your colour from SATO’s pre-selected range of colours.
Please note
• The paints included in the kit can only be used to paint wall surfaces. A separate permit is always required for painting fixtures.
• The quality of the painting work is checked by random inspections.
• You can only pick colours from the colour chart for the painting kit.
• The colours marked with an asterisk in the colour chart are accent colours that you can use to paint only one wall.
• You may do a basic painting in your home without a separate notification to SATO. However, if you wish to do a stencilled painting or structure painting, please request permission by sending us this form filled.

Take a look at SATO's interior colours here »
Computer screen always alters the colours. For best results pick the coded Tikkurila paintsamples from your nearest store to compare at home.


Instructions - Painting of walls, dry rooms


If the work is carried out in a manner that is contrary to the work instructions provided, you must compensate for the costs incurred by SATO from rectifying any non-compliances in the outcome of the work, any undoing and, where necessary, having the work redone.

DIY renovation rules

• You must always first request permission for the renovation in writing via OmaSATO messages (under Home maintenance category.
• You will need to cover the renovation costs.
• You get to decide which products and materials you want to use.
• If you like, you can order the SATO painting kit free of charge. Read more about the painting kit at the top of this page.
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• When renovating, you must undertake to comply with the instructions provided by the material suppliers and SATO, which SATO’s service manager will send to you after approving the renovation.
• If your DIY renovation causes damage to the apartment because you did not follow the work instructions, you must compensate for the damage.
• You must undertake to leave the outcome of the renovation free of charge in the apartment when you move out.
• DIY renovations are not intended to replace SATO’s apartment renovations carried out at the end of the life cycles of the surface materials of SATO homes.
• If the condition of one or more rooms in your home requires renovation carried out by SATO, contact the service manager or building manager to discuss the situation.

General instructions
Before the renovation

Request permission for a DIY renovation at OmaSATO in Home maintenance category before you start any work. In the message, specify all the work you plan to carry out or contract someone to carry out in your home.

Your home building's service manager will process your request and let you know their decision within two weeks. The feasibility of the renovation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please note that you will not be able to start work until your request has been approved.

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Remember that you will be liable for renovations carried out by you

Residents carrying out DIY renovations must undertake to comply with the work instructions provided by materials suppliers and SATO, which the service manager will send to the customer after approving the renovation. You must also undertake to leave the outcome of any DIY renovations paid for by you in the apartment when moving out. If any work is carried out in manner that is contrary to the work instructions provided, you must compensate for the costs incurred by SATO from rectifying any non-compliances in the outcome of the work, any undoing and, where necessary, having the work redone.

Help and tips

The service manager / building manager of your building will answer any general questions about DIY renovations. To find the manager’s contact details, enter your street address in the address field at Contact us -page.

The internet is full of renovation advice. Make sure, however, to always comply with the work instructions provided by materials suppliers and SATO to ensure a quality outcome and minimise any errors.

For painting instructions visit the Tikkurila website. You can also phone the Tikkurila customer helpline for advice on 020 191 2002, business days 8:00–19:00.

For decor inspiration, do not forget the Kotona pages (in Finnish on #SATOjaideoita tab).

Neighbours and environment
Notify your neighbours about your renovation

Your renovation must not cause inconvenience to other residents in your building.
Remember to post a notification about your renovation on the notice board of your building at least a day before you begin the work. You can write your own notification or use this template.

Include the following information in your notification:

• the number of the apartment renovated;
• the contact details of the person carrying out the renovation work;
• information about any significant impact on other apartments, such as noise.

Post the notification in all of the staircases of the building.

Make sure you take special care with protection, waste sorting and the quality of renovation materials used

Protect all surfaces and structural elements in your home that might get damaged to prevent any stains and damage due to your renovation project. Protect everything so carefully that building dust will not spread outside the work area in any circumstances.
Suhde31 Kierratys
Take the waste generated in your renovation work to a landfall site or municipal waste collection point, carefully following the relevant regulations. Take any liquid paint waste to a hazardous waste collection point and empty or dried-up paint tubs to recycling or a landfill site. You must not put any renovation waste in the building’s waste containers.

Also make sure you only use materials intended for home interior use when renovating. You can substitute products recommended in our work instructions with products that are corresponding as regards their properties and quality.

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