I want to change my rental apartment. Does it benefit that I already live in a SATO apartment?

Is your family growing? Did you get a job from another city? Are you dreaming about swapping rental apartment just for a change in scenery? As a SATO resident you have a priority to any SATO RentHome you are applying for, if it has not been offered to someone else before you've left your application.

  • Browse the available rental apartments at Find a home -page.

  • Fill in your apartment application.

  • You can also target your application at a building in which there are no rental apartments available at the moment. These sort of building cannot currently be browsed in sato.fi but you can inquire about them from our customer service.

  • Your application will remain valid for 6 months and you can renew it by contacting our customer service.

  • You can utilize the benefit if you have lived in a SATO home continuously for at least one year (your most recent contract being over 6 months old), and you have an incident-free residential and payment history.

  • If more the one current SATO residents are interested in the apartment you would like to rent, the selection is based on the length of customer relationship with us as well as the length of the application period.

  • The benefit also applies to family members.

When you swap from SATO RentHome to another, we will be flexible with the lease termination times when needed, and you will not have to pay double rent for that period. And when you sign the lease, you will get a €50 code for pakuovelle.com to use on their van rental services. This benefit is for both the new SATO residents and the home swappers.

For more information about home-swapping opportunities, please contact SATO Customer service.