Does SATO have senior homes or sheltered housing units?

SATO owns around 550 rental homes for senior citizens. You can apply for these by filling in the apartment application form. Most of the SATO homes for seniors are located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. To see the seniorhomes available at the moment or becoming available, visit our Find a home page and do a search on seniorhome. The homes are marked with a Senior-label.

The difference between a senior homes building and a sheltered housing unit

Senior homes buildings usually only have apartments. Residents can order services from SATO's professional service provider partners. The services are usually related to home care or personal care, but these buildings do not have on-site staff.

The rent of some of our homes for seniors includes extra services such as a safety phone service or an appointment with a nurse once a month. In some properties the resident must enter into a separate service agreement with a care service provider when signing the lease agreement. Ask your sales representative or SATO Customer Service which services are included in the rent and what kinds of services you can order.

In addition to apartments, these buildings may also have smallish communal areas where activities such as physical exercise and other recreational activities may be organised. The apartments also often feature service guidance providing residents with guidance concerning issues such as financial support and other benefits available. Service guidance also helps map out residents' personal service needs and plan the services required.

Efforts are made to design SATO's senior apartments with the needs of the ageing in mind. The buildings also have lifts.

In sheltered housing there are premises for service provision in addition to apartments. These may include dining and kitchen areas, libraries and computer rooms, premises for physical exercise as well as health care. Sheltered housing units also have on-site staff, often around the clock.

Age limits

SATO's senior apartments have age limits ranging from 55 to 65 years of age. If applicable, the age limit is mentioned in the general information about each senior homes building on our website.

If no age limit is given, the apartments can be rented by all those who find they need services aimed at senior citizens.

Restrictions concerning SATO SeniorHomes

If you are applying for a rental home and there is an 'Asset limitations' in its details on our website, the building is state-subsidised. This means you will have to provide information about your assets, income and housing needs in the application as these affect the selection of tenants. Other senior homes can be rented without the above-mentioned conditions.

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Applying for a senior home

You can submit your application to rent a senior home on our website or on paper to a SATO Home renting and sales office.

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