Which utilities are included in my rent?

Remember to update your electricity, water and internet contracts when moving to a new home.


Electricity is not included in the rent unless this is mentioned separately in the lease agreement. You should enter into an electricity contract with the electricity company of your choice so that the electricity connection of your new home will be on starting from your moving-in day.


Water is not included in the rent. The effectual water fee is mentioned on the webpage of each available SATO RentHome.

Internet connection

Internet connection is included in the rent of approximately 22,000 SATO rental homes, so your new home building is likely to be ready for Telia broadband access.

As a SATO resident you will have access to a broadband connection at the basic speed free of charge, and special discount rates will be available from Telia for faster speeds. The basic speed will increase from 10M to 50M during the spring of 2022.

To start using the broadband connection, call Telia’s Customer Service on 0200 11611. Read more about Telia broadband.