Can I barbeque on the balcony? Where can I dust the rugs? How will I act in disturbance situations?

In apartment buildings people live close to each other. The building's atmosphere and everyone's comfort levels are affected considerably by how smoothly everyday life runs between the neighbors. Life is a lot more pleasant when everyone remembers that they are also neighbours and takes other residents into consideration. The common rules considering the peace in the building, safety and smoking, and everyone following them makes life together easier.

Read the building rules and regulations

The Building Rules and Regulations are in force in all SATO buildings. Please make sure you read and follow them to make living with your neighbors pleasant and free from disputes.

General Building Rules and Regulations for SATO buildings »
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Peace in the building

The quiet-time policy must be followed between 22:00 and 07:00, and this is when everyone's right to a peaceful night's sleep must be respected. You must notify your neighbors well in advance if you are planning to have a party in your home or do something noisier than normal. Also make sure you do not cause any unreasonable disturbance to your neighbors even when you notified them in advance.

If you experience disturbances in your home, we recommend acting like this:
Try to discuss with those concerned, for example on the day following the disturbance. Your neighbor may not necessarily know that their music or movie sounds can be heard so clearly next door.
If the neighbor does not change their behavior despite your discussion and if you are continuously disturbed, contact the service manager of your building through SATO Customer Service.
If the disturbances are repeated and contacting the service manager does not help either, you can file an official disturbance report on the basis of which SATO's representatives can take official measures to restore residential peace in the building.
If the disturbance is serious and if it takes place during the quiet-time policy hours between 22:00 and 07:00 in particular, you should contact the Police to calm the situation down as soon as possible. The general maintenance of order is ultimately the authorities' task.