Where can I pick up the keys to my new home?

You will get the keys to your new home on the first day your lease agreement is valid. If that day falls on a weekend or public holiday, you will get the keys on the following working day after 12.00 midday. You will find the address of the place where you can pick up the keys in the back pocket of the Enjoying your home booklet.

When picking up the keys, please bring along:

  • your valid official ID (such as driving licence or passport)

  • signed lease agreement

  • receipt of the safety deposit payment

Note! For now we only give the keys to the person or persons who have signed the lease.

If you need extra keys, you can order them via OmaSATO. Contact us as soon as you can via OmaSATO if you lose a key. For rekeying prices see the List of customer charges.

When returning the keys

Once you’ve cleaned the apartment and moved your belongings to your new home, return the keys of your old home no later than by 12:00 midday on the business day following the date of termination of your lease agreement.

Always check the moving-out letter or call our customer service if you are not sure where to return the keys to. It’s a good idea to check online in advance for the opening hours of the place you should return the keys to.

Also remember to return any high-security lock and car parking space heater outlet keys. Please leave the high-security lock unlocked when you move out.

It’s really important that you do not give your home keys directly to the next resident. We keep a record of the keys and will invoice you for any missing keys and re-keying of locks.