Is internet connection included in the rent?

As a customer benefit around 22,000 SATO RentHomes have been provided with access to broadband services and connected to the Telia cable TV service. The basic speed of the broadband connection included in the rent will increase from 10M to 50M during the spring of 2022. Most of these are based on Telia's optical fibre connections.

The cable TV service covers the basic channels. Residents can order pay-TV channels from Telia as a supplementary service.

What does the agreement mean in practice

The agreement covers the cable TV and broadband services ordered by SATO from Telia.

Apartments covered by the agreement are ready for broadband access at the basic speed, which will increase from 10M to 50M during the spring 2022. There will be no separate monthly charge for broadband access at the basic speed. In addition to this, residents may independently order extra speed and services from Telia.

To start using the broadband access you must register the connection under your own name. (Please note you must also do this if you wish to start using the connection provided free of charge.) To register, phone Telia’s sales service on 0200 11611.

Which equipment can I use the broadband and TV services with?

In apartments that have a broadband connection operating over the telephone network you will need a VDSL2 modem. You must get your own modem.

If the apartment has data network cabling, you will not need a separate terminal device. To find out if this is the case, check if the apartment has a data socket with an RJ45 connector in one or more of the rooms. The apartment may also have an apartment distributor cabinet in which you should select which data socket in the apartment is active. Then connect the data cable directly to the data socket equipped with an RJ-45 connector.

To use the cable connection, you will need a cable modem. Connect the modem to the aerial wall socket and connect the computer to the modem, preferably using a network cable. If connecting a TV set or digibox to the same aerial socket, you will need to use a splitter to divide the signal between the devices.

When registering your broadband connection, it is a good idea to ask Telia for advice if you are uncertain about the technology used for your home's broadband connection. You can also contact the building manager for more information about the property's local area network.

To access cable TV services, you will need a digibox or digital TV that is compatible with cable distribution (DVB-C). Residents can get their terminal devices from whichever supplier they wish. Cable-ready digiboxes and digital TVs must also be tuned into the new TV channels.

How do I know if our building is covered by the agreement?

The agreement covers most SATO homes, but unfortunately there are still some buildings where the services cannot be accessed at the moment. This is due to technical or administrative reasons. SATO is making efforts to provide homes not covered by the agreement with access to corresponding services.

For part-ownership homes and housing companies decisions on the introduction of the service are made by the Board of the housing company.

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