Looking for your first SATOhome?

Are you looking for a place of your own for the first time and moving out from your childhood home? We’ve put together tips, instructions and advice for you to make it as hassle-free as possible for you to look for and rent a home and give you a bit of added confidence in your big life change.

How do I apply for a rental-apartment?
  1. Take a look at our selection and choose the one you like the best at Find a Home and send the application. Prepare to identify yourself with your online banking codes or Mobile ID.

  2. If you are not familiar with the city you are planning to move, contact our customer service (p. 020 334 443, asiakaspalvelu@sato.fi). We are happy to help you find the best areas for your application.

  3. When an apartment is marked 'ARA', you can only apply for it if your assets (meaning what you own, not your employment income) don’t go over certain city-specific limits. Read more »

  4. You can apply for a SATO rental home even if you are under 18, but as a general rule we'll only sign lease agreements with those who are aged 18 or above.

  5. To read about information security relating to your application, see ‘Privacy and terms of use’ »

  6. Water and electricity are not included in the rent of SATO RentHomes. The water charge is €24/month/person (10/2019). It’s a good idea to visit electricity company websites and compare electricity prices.

  7. Pets are welcome in SATO rental homes (Ida Aalbergin tie 1 student apartments excluded).

  8. Our security deposit is usually €0. If there’s a problem with your credit history, we may require a bigger security deposit, usually an amount corresponding to two months’ rent.

Viewing your new home and signing the lease agreement
  1. The condition of SATO homes is always inspected by us before new residents move in. You should, however, always go and see the apartment before making the decision to rent it.

  2. Talk to the sales representative if you think the apartment needs renovation.

  3. If the apartment is in good condition but you think it needs something to make it look a bit more like you, you can order a SATO DIY renovation kit, which also includes paint. If you select accent colours from the SATO range, they’ll be free as well. Read more about DIY renovations »

  4. You can apply for a SATO rental home even if under 18, but as a general rule we'll only sign lease agreements with those who are aged 18 or above.

  5. Remember to bring your ID when you come to sign the lease agreement. Make the lease signing appointment beforehand with the sales negotiator.

  6. There’s no need to worry about the lease-signing visit. Just take your time and read the documents, especially the terms and conditions of the lease agreement, very carefully. And don’t hesitate to ask us if there's anything that’s not clear to you. We’ll be happy to help!

  7. Don’t forget to take a look at the Home-mover’s FAQ before your move »

If you’re feeling uncertain about anything to do with the process of applying for a home, signing the lease agreement, the actual move or any other housing-related issue, call or mail us and we’ll be happy to help.

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