So nice to have you as a SATO resident! Here is a checklist of things to remember when moving in a SATOhome.

home insurance

Under the terms and conditions of the lease agreement on your new home, you must have a valid comprehensive home insurance policy that includes both home and general liability insurance cover. You can take out the policy from the insurance company of your choice.


You will get the keys to your new home on the first day your lease agreement is valid. If that day falls on a weekend or public holiday, you will get the keys on the following working day after 12.00 midday.
Do not take any keys directly from the former resident. The maintenance company keeps a record of keys and will charge you for any missing ones
When picking up the keys, please bring along:
your valid official ID (such as driving licence or passport)
signed lease agreement
receipt of the safety deposit payment
Note! For now we only give the keys to the person or persons who have signed the lease.


The moving-in day is usually the first working day of the month.


The notification of arrival helps the maintenance company register you and any others moving in with you as residents of the building. This way they can place your name on your door and the list of names at the entrance to your building. Fill in the notofication on the website of your home building's maintenance company or print the notification and deliver it by post »

Change of address notification

Change of address notification has to be done no later than one week after the move. The official notification confirms your move to the Population register centre and magistrate as well as Posti. You can fill the notication online at
Remember to notify organisations such as newspaper and magazine publishers, banks, insurance companies, retail chains and other organisations and associations of your change of address.
Many authorities and enterprises will be informed about your change of address directly by the Population Register Centre or Posti.

update your contracts

Remember to update your electricity, water and internet contracts when moving to a new home.
Electricity is not included in the rent unless this is mentioned separately in the lease agreement. You should enter into an electricity contract with the electricity company of your choice so that the electricity connection of your new home will be on starting from your moving-in day.
Water is not included in the rent. The effectual water fee is mentioned on the webpage of each available SATO RentHome.
In most cases the internet connection is included in the rent. Your new home building is likely to be ready for Telia broadband access. To start using the broadband connection, call Telia’s Customer Service on 020 690 400.

SATO customer service

We are happy to help in any situations you are in when moving in and if you need help outside the office hours, the maintenance company will be on call 24/7. All necessary contact information can be found on Contact us page. Have a happy moving-in day!

Please note that for now we only give the keys to the person or persons who have signed the lease.

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