Who is responsible of moving-out cleaning?

The duties of residents moving out include appropriate move-out cleaning. Before you move out, please make sure that you have done all the cleaning tasks included in this checklist according to the instructions below.

• Wipe all kitchen surfaces and fixtures and remove stains, also on the inside.
• Clean the hobs, oven, and baking trays - be sure to also clean around and behind the stove.
• Clean the kitchen hood filter.
• Clean the refrigerator and defrost the freezer. Also vacuum the dust behind the appliances.
• If your apartment has a dishwasher owned by SATO, clean it thoroughly.

Toilet, bathroom and sauna
• Clean the toilet seat, sinks and taps.
• Clean the bathroom and shower/bathtub.
• Clean the sauna, including the sauna door.
• Clean the floor drains.

Walls and floors
• Vacuum the floors, wipe them with a damp cloth and remove stains.
• Remove any stains and wall stickers from the walls.
• Clean all ventilation valves.
• Wipe the light switches.
• Wipe all mirrors and other glass surfaces.

Windows and doors
• Clean the windows if they are visibly dirty.
• Clean the doors and door handles.

Other spaces
• Empty and clean the walk-in closet and cabinets.
• Empty and tidy balcony/yard and storage locker.

Move-out cleaning instructions with pictures in eight languages:
English/Finnish - Move-out cleaning checklist / Loppusiivouksen muistilista (.pdf) »
Swedish - Minneslista för slutstädningen (.pdf) »
Estonian - Lõppkoristuse meelespea (.pdf) »
Arabic - قائمة الأشياء التي عليك تذكرها عند قيامك بالتنظيف الأخير (.pdf) »
Farsi - لیست مسائل مربوط به نظافت نهایی که باید به خاطر داشت (.pdf) »
Somali language - Liiska inaad xasuusto nadaafada u danbeysa (.pdf) »

Important to remember:
1. During the influenza and coronavirus outbreaks it is of utmost importance for you to take extra effort in wiping the most touched surfaces like doorknobs, watertaps, light switches, toilet seats, tabletops, and doorbell right before you leave the apartment for the last time.
2. A long term airing of the apartment is not important in moving-out cleaning. Please do not leave windows or balcony door open.
3. If the dishwasher does not belong to SATO and you are taking it with you, remember to plug all the connections (water intake and sewer outlet). Do the same with the washig machine connections.
5. De-freeze the freezer with good care and according to instructions. Ensure that the water does not leak to the floor.
6. Remember to follow the same waste management guidelines when you’re moving as when living in the building. You must transport any hazardous waste and discarded pieces of furniture and other large items away from the property by yourself and dispose of them in accordance with the municipal waste regulations. You may only put household waste in the waste room containers. Please make sure you follow these rules as we will deduct any costs arising from extra waste transport from your security deposit payment or invoice them to you.
7. If you fail to complete the moving-out cleaning, or leave your belongings in the apartment, we will have to dispose of them and charge you in full for the cost of emptying/cleaning the apartment.
8. If you move into a home that has not been cleaned, please contact the building manager without delay.

See the cleaning tips provided by SATO and the Martha Organization »

Tips for moving-out cleaning (in Finnish)