SATO resident – become a Neighbour Mentor!

SATO has launched a new service: Neighbour Mentor activities where neighbours help new people moving in to settle in and feel at home in the neighbourhood.

As a Neighbour Mentor, you will help new residents to get to know the building’s services and practices such as waste sorting and laundry room and car parking space use. You will also give current as well as new residents advice on everyday issues relating to living in a SATO home and boost the community spirit by taking part in your home building’s events. Neighbour Mentors also communicate to SATO about residents’ needs.

You will receive Neighbour Mentor training to orientate you into the role. You get to actively contribute to a pleasant living environment for yourself and everyone in your building. You will also receive a certificate for the training and your participation in the activities. To become a Neighbour Mentor, you need to have skills in Finnish and are also hoped to know another language, with Arabic, Somali or Russian being particularly useful.

If you live in a SATO building and are interested in becoming a Neighbour Mentor, please get in touch with us by email: