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"How cool it is to move into a brand new home!" This is how our marketing planner Noora reacted when we were contemplating the description texts for this page showcasing SATO's new and upcoming rental apartments. And that really sums it up: When you are the first resident of a new home, the apartments feels instantly like your own. And that really is cool!

Below you will find new SATO RentHomes as well as introductions to whole new neighborhoods. We offer new homes all year long, and also do major renovations on older SATO apartments to make them brand new again.

The apartments are ready to rent approximately 1-6 months before they are completed, after we first determine the rents and the moving-in-date (the moving-in-date is rarely delayed, but sometimes houses complete ahead of the planned time). When the apartments are ready to rent, you will find them on the Find a Home page, and we recommend you to fill in an application. The appliceation is valid for 1 month at a time. For more info on applying for a home, please visit: FAQ - Finding a Home »

Espoo, Vermonniitty - a new neighborhood near Leppävaara

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Easy to commute, easy to come home

Take a bike ride to work. Pick up some fresh rhubarb from the vegetable garden. Fetch a stick with the dog by the sea. Meet a friend for a cup of coffee, and play some tennis with the kids. When you live nearby, you have plenty of time.

Vermonniitty is a brand new neighborhood near Leppävaara services and trainstation. Vermonniitty will be full of life with some 4,000 homes in the future. The next 87 SATO RentHomes will be ready in the winter 2019-2020 in Majurinkatu 3. When the apartments are ready to rent, you will find them on the Find a Home page.

You can take a peek at Vermonniitty on its dedicated webpages (in Finnish) »

Vantaa, Keimolanmäki - Varikkokaarre 2

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Beautiful homes for those who appreciate living close to nature

The new Keimolanmäki residential area is located west of Hämeenlinnanväylä road around 800 m from the new Ring Rail Line Kivistö train station. The area is surrounded by the natural environment, close to the splendid Petikko recreational areas as well as the Keimola golf course. The area’s motor sports history is still visible in the street names as well as artwork found in local parks and property grounds. Beautiful rental homes will be available close to the local landmark, the racecourse tower that will be turned into a work of art. Timeless interior materials in light colours and floor plans with a great feeling of space provide the framework for you to create your dream home.
The nearest schools and day care centres can be found in Kivistö, and the shopping centre under construction will also be handy for Keimolanmäki residents once completed. The area has excellent train connections to destinations such as the airport, Tikkurila and Myyrmäki as well as the centre of Helsinki. Hämeenlinnanväylä road is convenient for those with a car.

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Helsinki, Herttoniemi - Laivalahdenkaari 1

Suhde31 Laivalahdenkaari1 piha

Block complex with a fresh look under construction in Herttoniemenranta

Laivalahdenkaari 1 is the last undeveloped site in the new section of Herttoniemi. A total of 143 new SATO rental homes will be completed on the site 1.11.2019. A competition based on invitations was organised for the development of the area, and the winner was the architectural firm Arkkitehdit Soini ja Horto Oy (AS&H) with its entry called 'Kutteri' ('Cutter'). The construction contractor is NCC.

- The apartments will range from various sizes of studios and one-bedrooms to family homes, which means they will be a good match to the demand in an area like this. The metro and the centre of Herttoniemi with its developing services can be found nearby. The block will have an inner courtyard and a pedestrianised street on one side of the building. And to top it all as regards services, there will be a grocery store on the ground floor of the building, says Antti Aarnio, Vice President, Investments, from SATO.

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Helsinki, Kalasatama - Capellan puistotie 21

Suhde169 Capellanpuistotie21

Brand new residential district in seafront Kalasatama

A total of 96 SATO rental homes will be completed at Capellan puistotie 21 by the end of 2020. This is a brand new residential district under construction in the southern part of the Verkkosaari area and only a stone's throw from the new REDI shopping centre.

- This is an area where we're able to construct rental homes next to brand new services. The City of Helsinki organised a competition for the entire area, of which we and Skanska won the entity covering the central section of the area. Skanska will construct rental homes for us, in addition to which non-subsidised as well as Hitas owner-occupied homes will be built in the area, says Antti Aarnio, Vice President, Investments, from SATO.
When the apartments are ready to rent, you will find them on the Find a Home page.

Vantaa, Martinlaakso - Raiviosuonmäki

SATO will construct new rental apartments in the Martinlaakso district of Vantaa. Two buildings located on a SATO-owned site that were constructed in the 1970s and have reached the end of their lifecycle will be demolished and replaced with three times as many new homes. One of SATO’s focus areas is to develop diverse housing solutions. In this context complementary construction plays a significant role in the supply of more affordable homes.

- With land use planning allowing consumer-driven housing distribution, we’re getting closer to housing suitable for a variety of wallets compared with a situation where we would have renovated these old buildings. SATO’s offering of rental apartments will now increase from 94 to 288 on the Raiviosuonmäki site, says Antti Aarnio, Vice President, Investments, from SATO.
One of the new buildings will be completed in October 2019 and the other in February 2020.

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