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"How cool it is to move into a brand new home!" This is how our marketing planner Noora reacted when we were contemplating the description texts for this page showcasing SATO's new and upcoming rental apartments. And that really sums it up: When you are the first resident of a new home, the apartments feels instantly like your own. And that really is cool!

Below you will find new SATO RentHomes as well as introductions to whole new neighborhoods. We offer new homes all year long, and also do major renovations on older SATO apartments to make them brand new again.

The apartments are ready to rent approximately 1-6 months before they are completed, after we first determine the rents and the moving-in-date (the moving-in-date is rarely delayed, but sometimes houses complete ahead of the planned time). When the apartments are ready to rent, you will find them on the Find a Home page, and we recommend you to fill in an application. The appliceation is valid for 1 month at a time. For more info on applying for a home, please visit: FAQ - Finding a Home »

Helsinki, Pohjois-Haaga - Ida Aalbergin tie 1b

Ida Aalbergin tie 1b
Ida Aalbergintie 1b is a complex of two new buildings located in a well-liked leafy neighbourhood by a park. These 7- and 8-storey buildings have a total of 105 beautiful rental homes from efficient studios and 1-bedroom homes to 3-bedroom family apartments. The carefully considered layouts make sure even the smallest homes feature plenty of light, open views and easy-to-furnish space solutions. The modern Scandinavian-style homes have light-coloured surface materials. Standard equipment in all homes includes a fridge-freezer, ceramic cooker, dishwasher and as a specialty a portable kitchen island. All apartments have a glassed-in balcony or a French balcony. Residential comfort in these new buildings is also provided by modern communal areas: the shared sauna section with a terrace for cooling down and the clubroom are on Floor 1 of section A. The laundry as well as the outdoor equipment and apartment-specific storage units can be found on Floor 1 of Section A and B. The car parking spaces are located in courtyard in the middle of the block and in an underground parking facility underneath the block. For bicycles there are storages in the parking facility, Floor 1 of Section A and B and in courtyard.

Pohjois-Haaga is a leafy neighborhood where you ride by bus or train in half an hour from the Helsinki city center. Kaari shopping centre and Pohjois-Haaga train station are in walking distance and Neighborhood route bus stop is in the end of the street. There are several schools and day care centres as well as the ordinary everyday services along with a library, pharmacy and health station in the district. The grounds of the Pirkkola sports park extend right up to the building’s back yard.

Residents will be able to move into their new homes in 1.10.2020.
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Helsinki, Sompasaari - Sompasaarenlaituri 16

Sompasaaren-Priki-perspektiiv Suhde169i

The construction of the Sompasaaren Priki property begins in January 2020 and residents will be able to move into their new homes in November 2021. The property will have 57 apartments, of which 41 will be rental homes and 16 will be sold.

Sompasaari is an island that will be surrounded by canals in the south and north and by the sea on the eastern, southern and western sides. The area has great public transport connections: The Kalasatama metro station and bus links are within walking distance from the Sompasaari area. Once completed, the coming tram line to Pasila and the tram services to Hakaniemi and Laajasalo via the new bridge connections will improve the area’s transport connections even further.

In Autumn 2021 you will find them on the Find a Home page.

Espoo, Niittykumpu - Kappelitie 5

Suhde169 Kappelitie5

SATO will have 77 rental homes built close to the Niittykumpu metro station in Espoo at Kappelitie 5.

The heat source chosen for the property is geothermal heating, which uses solar energy stored in the ground. Geothermal heating helps cut carbon dioxide emissions and, especially with global warming taking place, the advantage of a geothermal heating system is that it can also be used to cool the building. The property will be carbon neutral as regards operational emissions during its use as renewable electricity will be used in addition to geothermal heat.

Niittykumpu is a park-like district with around 5,000 residents located in southeastern Espoo and with excellent public transport links. The metro and numerous bus services connect the district to other areas in Espoo and the rest of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. By 2030, the number of residents is expected to increase to 12,000.

Construction begins in March 2020 and the apartments will be ready for moving into in December 2021. In Autumn 2021 you will find them on the Find a Home page.

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