Can I rent an apartment if I have payment defaults or if I don't have a Finnish identity code?

Unfortunately you can’t get a SATO rental home if you don’t have a Finnish personal identity code. We must be able to identify and distinguish the parties to the lease agreement in case of any disputes.

Our policy is to check the payment history of every applicant from the database of the credit information company Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. Payment defaults may prevent you from being granted a SATO home, but a single minor default does not in every case result in anapplication being rejected.

If you have paid all the bills that led to the credit defaults, we recommend you to ask Suomen Asiakastieto Oy to add a 'Ref mark' to your credit information.

If you want to discuss the effect of your possible payment defaults on your application, please fill in an application and after completing the application, contact our customer service. You can start applying by taking a look at our selection of homes and adding the ones you like the best to your application on our Find a Home page.