Where can I park my car?

You can reserve a car or motorcycle parking space from the maintenance or parking company. You will need to pay a fee for the parking space and make a written agreement. Visitor parking spaces are only intended for residents’ guests.

You must never – not even for a short period of time – park your car in emergency access routes. The emergency access routes are marked with signposts in the outdoor areas.

At times demand for parking spaces exceeds the number of spaces available, in which case you will not get a space immediately and will be placed on a waiting list. We rent parking spaces primarily to those residents or commercial space tenants who live or rent commercial space in the same building where the parking space is located. If there are parking spaces available, we can rent those also for residents and tenants who live or have commercial space in other SATO buildings.

In principle, you can only have one parking space at a time. However, if there are parking spaces available, you can also rent another parking space.