Who helps in issues related to my home?

You and issues related to your home and home building are taken care of by a large team of housing professionals, such as SATO House Expert, service/building manager and maintenance company. For their names and contact details see the notice board, OmaSATO or Contact us -page.

SATO House Expert is a familiar face

SATO House Expert is a trusted person in SATO’s home buildings whom already 20,000 of our residents can turn to for help with their day-to-day housing matters.

The House Experts' tasks include taking care of defect reports concerning SATO’s homes and properties, performing minor repairs in homes and in HVAC and plumbing equipment, inspecting homes when people move out, and presenting homes to potential residents.

House Experts work in close co-operation with property maintenance companies and guide and monitor their operations. Maintenance companies’ tasks include, for example, being on call on weekends and evenings, doing yard work that involves the use of machinery and cleaning the stairwells.

If your home or home building is in need for small maintenance, message us via OmaSATO, and quite likely your issue is dealed by SATO House Expert.

Contact the maintenance company
  • in all urgent cases, such as if there is a water leak in your home or in a communal area of your building

  • if you would like to have changes made to the nameplate on your door

  • if you would like to hire a car parking space or sauna turn

  • you have forgotten your key

  • if your home is too cold or warm or if the ventilation system is not working

  • if you notice a defect or other problem in your home, the building's communal areas or equipment or the upkeep of the outdoor areas

  • in case of any emergencies regarding the functioning of a lift, call directly to the lift servicing company (see the lift wall for contact details)

Contact the service manager
  • in administrative and financial issues related to the property (such as maintenance contracts and waste management)

  • if the maintenance company has not responded to your request for repair work within a reasonable period of time

  • any disturbance issues

  • residential cooperation

  • apartment repairs and inspections

  • if you would like to renovate your home by yourself or make amendments or extra installations

  • if you think there may be damage to your home caused by moisture or other defects or omissions that may pose a risk to residents or the property, please report this without any delay to the maintenance company as well as the building management company

SATO customer service will always help

Our customer service staff will be happy to help you whenever you need help and do not know who to contact. There are several ways to contact our Customer Service.

You can

Prepare yourself for difficult situations by reading the emergency plan »