What is a healthy room temperature? How often should I replace the indoor air of my apartment?

Keeping the room temperature right is good for you and the environment

Room temperature

A healthy room temperature is between +20 and +21 ºC. In bedrooms the temperature should be kept a bit lower.

The temperature of your apartment is adjusted using radiator valves. They sense the air and adjust the apartment temperature accordingly. You can turn the thermostat knob to turn the temperature up or down. Once the correct temperature for the apartment has been found, the thermostat maintains it at an even level. At times the radiator may be cool while the room temperature still remains right. Make sure you never cover the thermostat with curtains or furniture as this will prevent it from functioning properly. Manually adjusted radiator valves function the same way as water taps. The apartment temperature can be raised or lowered by adjusting the valve.

Bathroom/shower room radiators must always be kept switched on to make sure the room dries quickly. Underfloor heating installed in wet rooms must be kept switched on all the time as it keeps the floor dry and may help prevent moisture damage. If the temperature gets too high, you can lower it.

Contact the maintenance company if, despite thermostat adjustments, your home continuously feels too cold or hot or you can hear a gurgling or hissing noise or if water is dripping from a valve. If a radiator needs bleeding (if it will not get warm), contact the maintenance company.

Replacing indoor air every two hours

Under current regulations the indoor air of an apartment should be replaced once in two hours. Impurities and humidity are removed via air extract valves. You will find these in the kitchen, toilet, bathroom and walk-in wardrobes. Do not change the extract valve settings. Fresh replacement air flows in through air supply valves placed in exterior walls or window frames or through windows that have a section at the top that has been left without sealing.

What SATO does for the environment?

Did you know properties generate approximately 30% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions and account for approximately 40% of energy consumption?