Can I smoke in my apartment?

No you can’t. Under the terms and conditions of your lease agreement, smoking is forbidden in your home. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes. Please note that all communal areas of your building are also no-smoking zones. You will, however, find a specific smoking area outside most SATO buildings.

Please make sure that your guests also acknowledge the no-smoking rule.

In those newly built and newly renovated houses in which SATO owns all apartments, are completely free of smoking. In these houses smoking is prohibited also on the balconies and yards.

You will find the detailed terms on the backside of your lease agreement. Violating the terms can lead to actions.

No-smoking term has been included in SATO lease agreements since 2008.

Troubles with smoking

We take feedback received from residents very seriously. If it appears that smoking on a balcony in an individual building causes clear inconvenience to other residents and we cannot solve the issue through measures such as structural repairs, we will consider applying to the municipal health authority for a smoking ban under the Tobacco Act.