What sort of storage SATO offers?

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Storage units for residents

The apartment-specific storage unit is a good place to store items such as seasonal clothes and travel cases. It is not a good idea to store anything valuable in the storage unit as this may attract burglars. You can avoid basement burglaries by fitting the unit door with a sturdy lock and blocking the view into the unit. For fire safety reasons, it is prohibited to store any flammable liquids, gases or explosives in the storage units. You can store a maximum of four car tyres in your apartment-specific storage unit.

Storing outdoor and baby transport equipment

Most of our houses have storages for both the outdoor equipment and baby carriages.

Please keep your baby transport items in the space reserved for them. If you cannot find the baby transport storage room, ask your home building’s maintenance company where you could store your pram or buggy safely.

Looking for a larger storage?

SATO also rents out larger storage spaces for residents and B2B customers. And while our home buildings have excellent locations, so do our storage spaces!

Browse SATO's available storage spaces at Oikotie website »

So if you need the extra space, please contact us at yritysmyynti@sato.fi