Can I sublet my rental apartment to another person?

When a tenant sublets the apartment to another person, we use terms subletting in part, subletting in full or temporary assignment.

Subletting in part

Subletting in part means a situation where the main tenant and the subtenant live in the same apartment. The main tenant assigns a part of an apartment rented by the tenant for residential use to another person against a fee or charge. Tenants may assign up to one-half of the apartment for residential use by another person without the lessor's permission provided that the subletting does not cause any considerable inconvenience or disturbance to the lessor. Subletting in part is not, however, allowed for studio apartments.

The main tenant is responsible for the apartment. When the tenancy of the main tenant ends, the subtenancy also ends.

Subletting in full

Subletting the apartment in full is not allowed. Airbnb and any other short-term renting is subletting in full and therefore a ground for rescission of the lease agreement.

Temporary assignment

A tenant may assign the occupancy of the entire apartment to another person temporarily for a maximum of two years if the tenant moves away from the town or city for work, studies, ill health or other corresponding reason. The main tenant remains responsible for the apartment.

You must notify the lessor in writing at least one month before any temporary assignment of the occupancy of your SATO rental home.