How to take the best care of my home?

Taking good care of your home involves cleaning the various rooms and surfaces in the right way.
Some of the apartment maintenance is also part of your duties as a resident, while SATO is responsible for other issues. You must change lamps and take care of the fire alarm, but water taps are fixed by SATO. For the maintenance and servicing responsibilities in different situations see the Division of Responsibilities table.

A good source of cleaning tips is also the Martha Organization.

Normal wear and tear is part of life. Sometimes, however, extra repairs are needed due to someone's carelessness or an accident. In these situations SATO applies the List of Customer Charges. If you notice a defect or problem in your home that causes damage to the apartment or the building structures, notify the maintenance company immediately about them.

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A good principle to apply to cleaning is to clean regularly, use slightly damp cleaning methods and neutral cleaning products. When you split your cleaning into smaller regular tasks, there will be less need to do a big cleaning job.

The best way to clean laminate flooring is vacuum cleaning or wiping with a slightly damp cleaning cloth. If you want to clean dirty laminate flooring with a damp cloth, make sure you also dry it separately. Washing-up liquid is a good detergent.

Vacuum cleaning and dry mopping are all you need to do to plastic flooring during the weekly cleaning and, if necessary, give it a wipe with mild washing-up liquid.

Things will get much brighter in the spring when you clean your windows. All you need is a window washer, microfibre cloth, window cleaning squeegee and some washing-up liquid to make your windows positively sparkle. Remove dust from Venetian blinds by vacuum cleaning. Also remember to clean the window frames.

It is a good idea to remove children's scribbles or stains from walls while still fresh. Use a mild detergent and a slightly damp cloth to clean painted walls. The more matte the finish of the painted wall is, the less scrubbing it will tolerate. Scrubbing too strongly will leave shiny marks on such walls.

Paper wallpaper can take very light wiping with a slightly damp cloth but must never be scrubbed. Use washing-up liquid as a detergent.


Clean a sink or washbasin trap via the plughole using a 'drain snake' or by unscrewing the pipe parts. Rinse the trap parts with water and screw them back on. Make sure you put all the sealing washers back in place. Finish by running some water down the drain to make sure the trap is not leaking. The purpose of tap drains is to prevent unpleasant smells from entering the room. If you are not using much water (such as during your holiday away from your home), the water in the trap may evaporate, allowing the smells to escape. Solve the problem by running water into the dried trap.

Remove the plastic cover of the drain. Hair and other dirt accumulate under the cover and make the room smell unfresh. Clean the drain using detergent water and a brush. Brush hairs and dirt off the strainer. You can also buy a filter for the floor drain that will collect hairs and prevent them from clogging up the floor drain.

How often you need to clean your sauna and bathroom/shower room depends on how often you use them. If you handle laundry in your bathroom, you need to vacuum or wipe the dust every week. If you use the sauna every week, clean the sauna benches, stools and walls near the shower every month. Use a detergent with disinfectant to clean the sauna more thoroughly. In this context also clean the bench support structures, sides and bottom sides.

Home appliances

If your fridge has an auto-defrost system it will defrost automatically. You will only need to clean the drain hole at the back of the fridge. Fridges without an auto-defrost system must be defrosted every few months.

You should clean the fridge regularly to keep it nice and fresh. There is no need to use strong detergents. Water, a few drops of washing-up liquid and a cloth will be enough. For electrical safety reasons you must vacuum clean behind your fridge a few times a year.

Freezers should be defrosted at least once a year. A thick layer of ice makes it harder to use the freezer and adds unnecessarily to your electricity bill. Do not use force or abrasive tools to scrape ice from the freezer compartment or freezer. Keep an eye on the freezer while defrosting it, making sure to dry out the water while still inside it to prevent water from dripping onto the floor.

Home chefs should follow professional advice and keep their work surfaces clean. Regular cleaning is also the best approach to your cooker as it is very difficult to remove food stains that have got stuck on the hot cooker. Soak any dried food spills to make them easier to remove. Cast iron rings remain in good shape when you oil them a few times a year. There are specific cleaning products for ovens and ceramic hobs.

Clean the extractor fan/hood and grease filter at least twice a year and even more often if necessary. You will find an air extract valve under the grease filter. Remember to remove and clean it, too, when you clean the filter.