Let's have talkoot (tidying-up party)!

Everyone will have fun at the building tidying-up event: the areas outside will get tidied up and you get to know your neighbors. You can also arrange a flea market.


Tidying-up events involve valuable work, but the most important thing is the nice atmosphere and doing things together. These events provide an excellent opportunity to get to know your neighbors and brainstorm for communal activities. Remember that the events are always organised on a voluntary basis, but it is a good idea to appoint those in charge of preparations.


Think how much work will be needed, what tools will be needed, when the event will take place and what the schedule will be. Contact the service manager and maintenance company and agree on the work to be done and the practical arrangements. This is also when you can agree on any purchases needed and any extra needs relating to issues such as waste transport. Write an invitation for the notice boards.

Get ready

Get all the tools, plants, garden soil and other things needed in advance. Check before the tidying-up day that all those participating are covered by a valid insurance policy or arrange with the building manager for a communal work insurance policy ('talkoovakuutus'). Provide some food such as drinks and sausages for the barbecue for the day.

Do things together

Assign the tasks and responsibilities for each task on the day. Have fun doing things together. Finish the day by enjoying each other's company after the day's work.

Do you have more tips for a communal work day? Send your tips to viestinta@sato.fi. All those sending a tip will receive a small gift for their next communal work event.

Flea markets are great fun

In SATO buildings it is ok to organise a flea market. This is a nice way to get rid of things you do not need any more and a great way to get to know your neighbors.

The idea is that you can set up tables outside the building and sell perhaps only a few things or a whole load of stuff and you do not have to worry about paying a fee for a flea market stall, transport or other costs. The more neighbors you get to join in the merrier it will be.

You do not need a separate permit from SATO to organize a flea market, but make sure you notify the service manager of your building in advance about the event.

To spread the word and attract plenty of buyers, you can advertise your flea market at www.pihakirppis.fi. The site also provides advice and ready-made posters to advertise your event.