How big is the security deposit in SATO apartments?

The security deposit for most of our rental homes is 0 euros and for some 250 euros (for example for Ida Aalbergin tie 1a student homes).

  • Security deposit €0: For most SATO homes the lease agreement will be concluded for an indefinite term. The agreement includes a clause concerning duration of tenancy, however. If you find that you prefer not to live in your SATO home for the minimum period specified in the lease agreement and you want to terminate° the agreement, we will charge you a sum equal to one month’s rent when your lease agreement expires. The minimum period of the lease agreement is twelve months.

Please note that the amount of security deposit may differ from the above if your credit history shows payment defaults or if your home state is abroad and we are therefore not able to revise your credit information. In such situations the amount of the secutiry deposit can be higher, even as far as the highest amount acceptable by the law, which is comparable to a rent of three months.

°Remember that the period of notice of rental homes is one full calendar month. This means the period of notice is calculated from the last day of the calendar month during which your termination notice was received by SATO.