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OmaSATO is meant just for you – our resident. Through OmaSATO, you can contact our customer services, check your rent payments, make a defect report, receive current information about your building and keep up with the latest customer benefits.

We are developing OmaSATO continuously. In the future we will focus on communality as well as to bringing more services for you to use, for example sauna and parking space reservations, and events in your neighborhood. When you use OmaSATO and give us feedback, you'll be part of helping us serving you better.

How to join OmaSATO

Joining OmaSATO is simple:

  1. Visit the address https://oma.sato.fi.

  2. Have your online banking credentials near at hand, you will need them when you sign in for the first time.

  3. Click on “Register” and follow the instructions.

  4. In future, signing in will be quick and easy; all you need is your email address and the password you created.

Nice to see you!

Add OmaSATO to your homescreen

The swiftest way to use OmaSATO is by adding an icon to your homescreen.

Usually you can do this in your browser. Open OmaSATO frontpage, and search for the browser’s “Add to homescreen” function. On iPhone’s Safari for example, it can be found by clicking the action/share icon on the bottom of the browser window, and on Android’s Chrome by clicking the three dots on the upper righthand corner.

Are you SATO resident?

Register to OmaSATO

You'll need your online banking codes for identification for the first entry. After that, signing in is easier. Use OmaSATO faster by adding it to your homescreen via your browser.