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OmaSATO is meant just for you – our resident. Through OmaSATO, you can contact our customer services, check your rent payments, make a defect report, receive current information about your building and keep up with the latest customer benefits.

We are developing OmaSATO continuously. In the future we will focus on communality as well as to bringing more services for you to use, for example sauna and parking space reservations, and events in your neighborhood. When you use OmaSATO and give us feedback, you'll be part of helping us serving you better.

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OmaSATO news
13th Dec 2018 | Vain elämää concert tickets sent to winners

Suhde169 Tahdet vaalea

Vain elämää concert tickets have been mailed to the winners on 13th December.

Five two-ticket packets were drawn between OmaSATO users registered before 26th Nov. Congratulations to Abdulkader from Puotila; Aleksi from Maarinkunnas; Anna-Maria from Kangasala; Juha from Herttoniemi; and Markku from Etu-Töölö.

Fourteen two-ticket packet were drawn between OmaSATO users registered between 26th Nov-30th Nov. Congratulations to Helena from Tikkurila; Ekaterina from Lahti; Heli from Kallio; Halar from Pakkala; Pekka from Hakaniemei; Tuomo from Ruoholahti; Anna from Herttoniemi; Manahawo from Vuosaari; Aslak from Turku; Samuli also from Turku; Ahmad from Itäkeskus; Ville from Herttoniemei; and Samu from Pitäjänmäki.

Six two-ticket packet were drawn between OmaSATO users registered between 1st and 12th Dec. Congratulations to Abul from Hakaniemi; Kati from Kirkkonummi; Neealle from Tampere; Annette from Puotila; Elina from Turku; and Minjalle from Kruununhaka.

We wish you a memorable night at the concert!

26th Nov 2018 | Drawing of the tickets to Vain elämää concert

Make OmaSATO part of your life – you might win tickets to Vain elämää concert. The faster you register to OmaSATO the better chances you have at winning.

The concert is held on Hartwall Arena 28th Dec, and we are drawing 20 two-ticket packets between the residents registered to OmaSATO in the period of 26th Nov to 12th Dec. The odds for winning are better with those of you who are faster and register on November than those registering on December, so be quick!

The ratio of the ticket draw is calculated after the campaign has ended. We draw significantly more tickets for the residents who have registered to OmaSATO between 26th and 30th Nov than the ones registered between 1st and 12th Dec. However, we are drawing at least two ticket packets with the latter registered to make sure there is a chance for everyone to win.

And we have not forgot the residents who are already at OmaSATO: If you have registered on the 25th Nov or earlier, you are automatically taking part of a separate draw of five two-ticket packets to the same Vain elämää concert. Yay!

The drawing takes place on 13th Dec, and we'll send the tickets to the winners on 14th Dec. We will publish the first names of the winners, as well as the areas in which they live, on this page and on SATO's Facebook. The draw is for SATO residents only, and you take part automatically when you register to OmaSATO.

Register and join the draw »

We look forward in seeing you at OmaSATO. Good luck for the draw!

5th Sep 2018 | How to join OmaSATO

Joining OmaSATO is simple:

  1. Visit the address

  2. Have your online banking credentials near at hand, you will need them when you sign in for the first time.

  3. Click on “Register” and follow the instructions.

  4. In future, signing in will be quick and easy; all you need is your email address and the password you created.

Nice to see you!

22 Aug 2018 | Join us to improve the service

When we started developing OmaSATO two years ago, we had a dream. Or actually we had two dreams. But the most important one of them was to do with you — SATO residents. We wanted to develop a digital service that makes your everyday lives easier. A service you can use to take care of all practicalities relating to your home easily, wherever you are and whenever you like.

We included you in the development work right from the start. We organised interviews in the SATO Pulse residents' panel and set up discussion groups. We asked you what kinds of services you'd like. We wanted to know what housing and the home mean to you. The OmaSATO concept was created in cooperation on the basis of this dialogue.

Thanks a lot for everyone taking part!

Now completed, OmaSATO is like your home in your pocket: You can use it to manage and take care of practicalities relating to your home or rent payments conveniently by using a device such as your phone. It gives you access to all agreements and details relating to your apartment.

But OmaSATO is also much more.

In fact, it can be anything. This is what our other original dream was about: We believe that the home will be much more than just walls.
Could it be that in the future you'll be able to order a delivery of food from your local shop through just one click via OmaSATO? Or that you'll be able to tailor your home to, perhaps, meet your needs as a senior citizen with OmaSATO services such as cleaning or meal deliveries? Or perhaps to meet your needs as a junior citizen!

Could OmaSATO help you find new friends or make it easy for you and your neighbours to share home appliances or cars or recycle clothes that are too small for your kids? Could OmaSATO be a service thanks to which you'll never be alone?

OmaSATO is already a service that helps you save money. This is because we've utilised SATO residents' collective purchasing power and negotiated a variety of special deals for our 48,000 residents: OmaSATO is your one-stop-shop where you'll find all of these. You can check out the service for the cheapest way for you to get a moving van or have your windows or the entire home cleaned, for example.

In the future, entrepreneurs in your local area may communicate to you on OmaSATO about their current special offers – and help you make even cheaper day-to-day purchases.

The future does not just happen automatically. It arises from all those decisions that we make in our everyday lives. This means we can also influence the future. Although our new service is called OmaSATO, it's actually OurSATO: It's us together who'll decide what the service will be like. At the same time it's us together who'll decide all those things that housing and the home can potentially mean in the future. Digitality provides endless opportunities.

Let's revolutionise housing together! What would you like it to include? What kinds of services would you like to receive in your home?

Please let us know. We want to help make your hopes and dreams come true.

Best regards
SATO President and CEO

PS You can give us feedback via OmaSATO or by emailing

22 Aug 2018 | Add OmaSATO to your homescreen

The swiftest way to use OmaSATO is by adding an icon to your homescreen.

Usually you can do this in your browser. Open OmaSATO frontpage, and search for the browser’s “Add to homescreen” function. On iPhone’s Safari for example, it can be found by clicking the action/share icon on the bottom of the browser window, and on Android’s Chrome by clicking the three dots on the upper righthand corner.

Are you SATO resident?

Register to OmaSATO

You'll need your online banking codes for identification for the first entry. After that, signing in is easier. Use OmaSATO faster by adding it to your homescreen via your browser.