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SATO’s residents’ panel is called SATO Pulssi. All of our residents aged 18 or over are welcome to join SATO Pulssi. If you are interested in participating in the development of services relating to your home, its environment and life in SATO homes, please join the panel!


SATO Pulssi listens to your dreams, worries and requests regarding your home. As a panel member you will also be able to comment on SATO’s housing-related plans and development ideas.


Participating in SATO Pulssi is easy. You can choose when to participate and which questionnaires to respond to. You will be invited to take part in quick mobile surveys and every now and then also in more in-depth research. In the in-depth projects, housing-related themes are discussed in contexts including workshops or group chats online.


The rewards for participating in SATO Pulssi depend on the type of survey. For quick mobile or online surveys, three gift vouchers worth €20 will be drawn between the participants. Those taking part in more in-depth research will receive gift vouchers specific to each project.


Click the link for the registration form to provide your background details.

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If you wish to resign from the panel, send a resignation e-mail to

What sort of surveys did Pulssi panel answer in 2018?

Last year we asked our panelists' opinions about the best channels for customer communications; home storage solutions; carless houses of the future; and module homes that could fit to the changing needs of a family. In 2017 we asked about kitchen design solutions, and the functionality of waste sorting spaces, among other things.

SATO Pulssi rules

SATO’s residents’ panel is called SATO Pulssi. By participating in SATO Pulssi surveys and research projects, SATO residents can influence the development of housing solutions and related services. Members of the SATO Pulssi panel will take part in quick mobile surveys as well as more in-depth development projects. SATO Pulssi is an easy way to make sure the residents’ voice is heard right from the beginning in development work. Understanding our residents’ needs and wishes is an important part of our business development. The SATO Pulssi residents’ panel is implemented in cooperation with Marketing Clinic Finland Oy. The data collected through research will be processed further for use in SATO’s service and product development and business operations. When you register yourself in to the panel we will update your information to SATO Corporation’s customer register.

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Hello, male or non-binary person

Yes, you, we need you to join SATO Pulssi! In our residents' panel ladies are in power at the moment, and more balance is needed. So come and join - you can make an impact on the future of home and living related matters with your own voice.