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When you are the first resident of a new home, the rental apartments feels instantly like your own. Architects and engineers have new SATOhomes on their drawing desks regularly, and we are steadily planning renovations on our older houses. And it is not uncommon for us to take part in plotting whole new neighborhoods. When that happens, those plans are also gathered here.

On the drawing desk at the moment
Helsinki, Kontula - Keinulaudantie 7, Porttikuja 11


Kontula grows and develops quickly. The city of Helsinki is developing the shopping center area, and residential buildings are being renovated. There is also room to construct something new in the loosely built neighborhood.

SATO RentHomes will be built and renovated on the site of Keinulaudantie 7. Brand new Keinulaudantie 7 A was completed in the autumn of 2020. Keinulaudantie 7, built in 1966, and it´s 152 homes will be renovated to a new level by the beginning of year 2022.

Porttikuja 11, built in 1965, is also under renovation and the 84 SATO homes will be repaired down to the surfaces and furniture. The renovation is estimated to be completed in the beginning of 2022. In autumn 2021 you will find available apartments on the Find a Home page.

Helsinki, Pitäjänmäki - Piispantie, Rikhard Nymanin tie

In Pitäjänmäki, Reimarla there are several houses in the same cohesive, quiet and comfortable yard district. This enjoyable, child-friendly area of low-rise buildings features lush grounds with plenty of places to play and enjoy outdoor living. The oldest houses in the area will be renovated with respect for the spirit of the area to meet the demands of today’s living.

The renovation of the two low-rise apartment buildings in Piispantie 3, build in the 1960s, will be the first to be completed. Environmentally friendly geothermal energy has been chosen as the heating method for the houses.

Piispantie3 floorplans

42 clear-lined 1-bedroom homes and 6 efficient 2-bedroom homes will have a new, fresh look after the renovation. All homes have open-plan kitchens that connect to the living areas and large windows that bring light and airiness to the spaces. Except for six apartments, all homes have glassed-in balconies.
The communal areas shared by the residents will also be renovated. On the ground floor of the house A-B there are clubrooms and a sauna section with terrace. Both houses have laundries and separate drying rooms. Apartment-specific storage units and storage for prams and hobby equipment are also in the basement of the houses. The green courtyard has a playground and seating areas.

Apartments including balconies, as well as buildings including courtyards are non-smoking.

The first apartments will be ready for moving into in March 2021.
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Helsinki, Hakaniemi - Hakaniemenkatu 9

Hakaniemenkatu 9
This 1930s building located on the shore of Siltavuorensalmi water right by Hakaniementori square will be reconstructed and the apartments will be renovated to a new level. The house has 41 apartments from efficient studios to 2 bedroom apartments. The interior materials of the apartments are timelessly light-colored, and the floor plans have been modernized.

Hakaniemi offers outstanding services ranging from the commercial to the municipal and corner shops to supermarkets. The icing on the cake is, of course, Hakaniemi Market Hall. Cultural interests can be pursued at live-music restaurants, theatres or, say, performances at Theatre Academy Helsinki. Hakaniemenkatu street is best accessible by trams and buses stopping at Hakaniementori market square, and of course by foot. The university campus at Kruununhaka and the government offices at Merihaka are within walking distance of Hakaniemenkatu. Hakaniemenkatu is some 400 m from the metro station.

The renovation is estimated to be completed in autumn 2021. In Spring 2021 you will find available apartments on the Find a Home page.

Helsinki, Sompasaari - Sompasaarenlaituri 16

Sompasaaren-Priki-perspektiiv Suhde169i

The construction of the Sompasaaren Priki property begins in January 2020 and residents will be able to move into their new homes in November 2021. The property will have 57 apartments, of which 41 will be rental homes and 16 will be sold.

Sompasaari is an island that will be surrounded by canals in the south and north and by the sea on the eastern, southern and western sides. The area has great public transport connections: The Kalasatama metro station and bus links are within walking distance from the Sompasaari area. Once completed, the coming tram line to Pasila and the tram services to Hakaniemi and Laajasalo via the new bridge connections will improve the area’s transport connections even further.

In Autumn 2021 you will find available apartments on the Find a Home page.

Espoo, Matinkylä - Aapelinkatu 1, Matinkartanontie 2 ja 6

Suhde169 Aapelinkatu Matinkartanontie

In Matinkylä, Aapelinkatu and Matinkartanontie, there are several houses in the same cohesive courtyard. Lush playgrounds, a child-friendly environment and the wide and versatile outdoor recreation and hiking areas t of the Waterfront Walkway and Central Park surrounding Matinkylä make the area a comfortable home region. Iso Omena and the metro station are within walking distance, so getting around your own home, local services and the center of Helsinki is quick and easy.

The houses of the 1970s will be completely renovated to meet the demands of today’s living. The houses have 107 apartments, from efficient studios to 112 m2 family apartments. The interior materials of the apartments are timelessly light-colored, and the floor plans are clear and practical in the style of the 70s. The communal areas shared by the residents will also be renovated.

The apartments will be ready for moving into in March 2021.
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Espoo, Viherlaakso - Humisevanportti 2

SATO will have 41 rental homes built in Viherlaakso, Espoo at Humisevanportti 2.

Viherlaakso is a park-like and cozy neighborhood nearby lake Lippajärvi. Daily services; a grocery store, health center and kindergartens and schools are within walking distance. To the delight of the outdoor enthusiast, the area has good walking trails and the beach is right next door.
Humisevanportti 2 pohjat
The light-colored apartments are beautiful and timeless. The floors are light gray oak laminate and the walls are painted white. The kitchens have white cabinets and are equipped with a ceramic cooker, fridge, freezer and dishwasher. The bathroom walls and floor are tiled, and the washing machine has its own space.

The apartments will be ready for moving into in June 2021.
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Espoo, Niittykumpu - Kappelitie 5

Suhde169 Kappelitie5

SATO will have 77 rental homes built close to the Niittykumpu metro station in Espoo at Kappelitie 5.

The heat source chosen for the property is geothermal heating, which uses solar energy stored in the ground. Geothermal heating helps cut carbon dioxide emissions and, especially with global warming taking place, the advantage of a geothermal heating system is that it can also be used to cool the building. The property will be carbon neutral as regards operational emissions during its use as renewable electricity will be used in addition to geothermal heat.

Niittykumpu is a park-like district with around 5,000 residents located in southeastern Espoo and with excellent public transport links. The metro and numerous bus services connect the district to other areas in Espoo and the rest of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. By 2030, the number of residents is expected to increase to 12,000.

Construction begins in March 2020 and the apartments will be ready for moving into in December 2021. In Autumn 2021 you will find them on the Find a Home page.

Kirkkonummi, Vesitorninmäki - Jokiniityntie 28

SATO will have 79 rental homes, ranging in size from efficient studios to larger family homes, in the area of Vesitorninmäki close to the centre of Kirkkonummi. Each home will be equipped with a glassed-in balcony or ground-level terrace. The buildings will also have sauna facilities, clubroom, laundry room and drying room for all residents to share as well as diverse storage facilities including private storage lockers for each home and bicycle rooms.

The chosen heating solution for the property is geothermal heat, which makes use of solar energy stored in the ground. Geothermal heat reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Another advantage of geothermal heat, especially in light of global warming, is that it can also be used for cooling. The property will be carbon neutral in use when renewable electricity is used alongside geothermal heat.

The exteriors of the building will for the most part be laid in brick on site, in keeping with lifecycle sustainability, while car parking will be provided at ground level in keeping with carbon neutrality. The property will also feature charging points for electric cars. The efficient design of the homes and common areas serves to reduce the building’s energy consumption and improve its carbon footprint.

The Vesitorninmäki area is located east of the commercial centre of Kirkkonummi and Kirkkonummentie street. Towards the city centre, the area borders on Kirkkonummi sports park. The Matkakeskus transport hub is only around 1 km away from Vesitorninmäki. The area has good access both to city centre amenities and wooded recreational and outdoor exercise areas.

Part of the wider Helsinki region, Kirkkonummi is a town of nearly 40,000 in western Uusimaa. Kirkkonummi is a growing town that features not only services and recreational opportunities but also rural landscapes, sea views and beautiful nature. The coastal train service from Helsinki to Turku passes via the key areas of Kirkkonummi.

Construction started in November 2020 and the homes will be ready for their new residents in spring 2022. In Autumn 2021 you will find them on the Find a Home page.

The apartments are ready to rent approximately 1-6 months before they are completed, after we first determine the rents and the moving-in-date (the moving-in-date is rarely delayed, but sometimes houses complete ahead of the planned time). When the apartments are ready to rent, you will find them on the Find a Home page, and we recommend you to fill in an application. The appliceation is valid for 1 month at a time. For more info on applying for a home, please visit: FAQ - Finding a Home »

Soon we will have a pre-sign-up form so you can leave your contact info even before these houses go under construction.

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