Kivenhakkaajankuja 3

Espoo, Leppävaara
41.5 - 44 m2
0 rental apartments available

Compact one-bedroom homes in northern Leppävaara

Services within easy reach

SATO rents out two pleasant one-bedroom homes in this property located next to Veräjäpelto park, a stone's throw from Leppävaara train station. The other apartments in the property are owner-occupied.

Both rental homes have a balcony and lots of light as well as a sauna. The kitchenettes have space for a dishwasher and the bathrooms for a washing machine.

The area north of the railway line belongs to the older section of Leppävaara with a good selection of schools and day care centres as well as everyday services. Kivenhakkaajankuja street is around 400 m from the Leppävaara indoor sports facility, and the sports park is another 100 m from the property.

In addition to train, Kivenhakkaajankuja is accessible by several Espoo internal and regional bus lines.

The evolving urban milieu of Leppävaara is a centre of housing as well as jobs and also has excellent transport connections and shopping opportunities. The Sello shopping center with its comprehensive services, cinemas and concert halls is located nearby, next to the train station. Several regional and Espoo city bus lines also depart from the train station. There are several schools and day care centres in the area and also other facilities such as a library and theatre. Outdoors lovers will appreciate the lush walking trails, and to the delight of the fitness enthusiasts, there are e.g. ice rink, indoor swimming pool, golf range, riding school and extensive sports park in the area.

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Drying room
Air-raid shelter
Laundry house
Attic or cellar or storage room
Outdoor storage room

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Apartment types

1 br.

Apartment sizes

1 br.: 41.5 - 44 m2

Public spaces

Drying room, Air-raid shelter, Laundry house, Attic or cellar or storage room, Outdoor storage room


Parking space available. More info Not included in rent.

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Maintenance company

Kotikatu Pohjois-Leppävaara, Nihtisillankuja 6, 02630, ESPOO020 755