Linnustajantie 17

Espoo, Lippajärvi
38.5 - 90 m2
0 rental apartments available

Leafy grounds in a lakeside setting

Comfortable rental homes in Lippajärvi

Linnustajantie 17 is a small, pleasant apartment building on leafy grounds in the lakeside area of Lippajärvi. The building has two residential floors and a basement with communal areas: drying room, storage units and space for baby transport. The apartment floor plans are practical and easy to furnish to your taste. The living rooms and open-plan kitchens form pleasant living areas. All homes have a private sauna and balcony for added comfort.

Drying room
Air-raid shelter
Attic or cellar or storage room
Baby carriage storage room

Real estate information


Apartment count


Building count


Apartment types

1 br., 2 br., 3 br.

Apartment sizes

1 br.: 38.5 - 51 m2
2 br.: 72.5 - 73 m2
3 br.: 90 - 90 m2

Public spaces

Drying room, Air-raid shelter, Attic or cellar or storage room, Baby carriage storage room


Parking space available. More info Not included in rent.


Service manager/ Property manager


Maintenance company

Unce Oy, Nuijalantie 13, 02630, ESPOO030 660