Kirstinmäki 3

Espoo, Suvela
36 - 78.5 m2
1 rental apartment available

Suvela - much nicer than you might think

Home close to services

Located a stone's throw away from Espoo Centre train station, those apartments that have a separate kitchen in this building have a balcony. There is plenty of storage space in all apartments as well as space for a washing machine in the bathrooms.

There are several day care centres in Suvela, and the Saarnilaakso lower secondary school with an international orientation and the Jalavapuisto primary school specialising in languages are located nearby. More educational institutions can be found in Espoo Centre, including a vocational college and adult education centre. Everyday services and facilities such as a library and health station are all found within 1 km. For those into physical activity there is the popular sports and swimming hall in Espoo Centre.

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Clubroom / common area
Air-raid shelter
Outdoor storage room
House sauna
Drying room

Real estate information


Apartment count


Building count


Apartment types

studio, 1 br., 2 br.

Apartment sizes

studio: 36 - 36 m2
1 br.: 51.5 - 62 m2
2 br.: 75.5 - 78.5 m2

Public spaces

Clubroom / common area, Air-raid shelter, Outdoor storage room, House sauna, Drying room


Parking space available. More info Not included in rent.


Service manager/ Property manager


Maintenance company

Tapiolan Lämpö Oy, Kalevalantie 5, 02130,