Kiramo 3

Jyväskylä, Lutakko
45 - 65.5 m2
0 rental apartments available

Sought-after lakeside homes

Convenient-sized homes

This comfortable property is less than a 15-minute walk from the diverse selection of services available in the centre. The apartment layouts are convenient and, in the compact two-bedroom homes in particular, provide a nice sense of space. All apartments have a balcony (in some glassed in) and a private sauna. Floors are done in vinyl and laminate, and in the bathrooms wet area vinyl flooring or tiling depending on the renovations carried out. The one-bedroom homes have a fridge-freezer and the two-bedroom ones a larder-fridge and space for a freezer. There is space for a dishwasher and washing machine in all apartments.

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Apartment types

1 br., 2 br.

Apartment sizes

1 br.: 45 - 55.5 m2
2 br.: 61.5 - 65.5 m2


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