Kylänpäänkaari 10

Nurmijärvi, Rajamäki
56.5 - 80 m2
0 rental apartments available

Peaceful neighbourhood of terraced and detached houses. Tidy and well-maintained grounds/play areas, each apartment has a sauna. The two-bedroom homes are in split levels, with the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs and the rest of the rooms downstairs. Each home has a cold storage room in the front yard.

Air-raid shelter

Real estate information


Apartment count


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Apartment types

1 br., 2 br.

Apartment sizes

1 br.: 56.5 - 56.5 m2
2 br.: 80 - 80 m2

Common areas

Air-raid shelter

Service manager / House expert

Sari Kostiainen, Retta Management / Helsinki

Maintenance company

Kiinteistöhuolto P. Lakaniemi Oy, Kalliotie 6 C 22, 01900, NURMIJÄRVI0400 856 506huolto@khlakaniemi.fi