Kolehmaisenkatu 3-5

Riihimäki, Hirsimäki
70 - 79.5 m2
0 rental apartments available

These bright apartments with a sauna are located in the pleasant Hirsimäki neighbourhood. The apartments have spacious, tiled bathrooms with space for a washing machine. The kitchen units are white, walls mainly painted and floors are done in vinyl.

Air-raid shelter

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Apartment count


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Apartment types

2 br.

Apartment sizes

2 br.: 70 - 79.5 m2

Public spaces

Air-raid shelter


Parking space available. More info merja.lainesalo-saukkio@iss.fi. Not included in rent.

Service manager/ Property manager

Sari Kostiainen, Retta Management / Helsinki

Maintenance company

Kiinteistömikot Oy, Käräjäntie 7 C, 11100, Riihimäki(019) 729 162koomikot@koomikot.inet.fi