Mekaniikanpolku 12

Tampere, Hervanta
55.5 - 55.5 m2
0 rental apartments available

There's one cozy SATOhome in this building located in Etelä-Hervanta.

Hervanta is located roughly 10 km from the centre of Tampere. Hervanta is like a small town in terms of size and population. All services from supermarkets to day care centres are available in the area and there is therefore no need to travel to the city centre. Access to the centre is easy, however, with plenty of bus routes, a tram line and pedestrian and cycle paths. The area is also easily accessed by car. Hervanta offer fantastic opportunities for enjoying the outdoors. It is an excellent area for running and walking, with forests for berry-picking also not far away. You can swim in Hervanta in both natural waters and at indoor pools.

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Air-raid shelter

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1 br.

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1 br.: 55.5 - 55.5 m2

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Air-raid shelter

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Hervannan Talopalvelut Oy, Hepolamminkatu 23, 33720, TAMPERE0400 728