Lentävänniemenkatu 4

Tampere, Lentävänniemi
33 - 97 m2
1 rental apartment available

Peaceful neighbourhood surrounded by Näsijärvi lake

For those into the outdoors

Completed in 1973 and refurbished in 1997, the building has three storeys and 36 apartments.

Lentävänniemi is around 9 km west from Tampere city centre. Located on a headland, the neighbourhood is surrounded on all sides by Näsijärvi lake, so there are several swimming beaches, good recreational areas and a yacht club in the area. There is a school and supermarket nearby, and Lielahti shopping centre is around 2 km away.

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Clubroom / common area
Drying room
Laundry house
Air-raid shelter
Attic or cellar or storage room
Outdoor storage room
Baby carriage storage room
House sauna

Real estate information


Apartment count


Building count


Apartment types

studio, 1 br., 2 br., 3 br.

Apartment sizes

studio: 33 - 33 m2
1 br.: 51 - 61 m2
2 br.: 79.5 - 79.5 m2
3 br.: 97 - 97 m2

Public spaces

Clubroom / common area, Drying room, Laundry house, Air-raid shelter, Attic or cellar or storage room, Outdoor storage room, Baby carriage storage room, House sauna


Parking space available. More info hhkp@hhkp.fi. Not included in rent.


Service manager/ Property manager

Marko Lakkalaasiakaspalvelu@sato.fi

Maintenance company

HH-Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy, Viinikankatu 53, 33800, TAMPERE010 3950 395hhkp@hhkp.fi