Virtakuja 2

Vantaa, Myyrmäki
30 - 86.5 m2
3 rental apartments available

Schools, shops and train station within walking distance

Homes in Myyrmäki

These homes, situated next to Myyrmäki lower secondary school close to the commuter train station feature function and comfort. All homes have sheltered balconies facing west, to the green playground. Except for the studios, the homes also have walk-in wardrobe for extra storage. The bathrooms have space for a washing machine.

Clubroom / common area
Drying room
Air-raid shelter
Cold storage room
Outdoor storage room
Attic or cellar or storage room
House sauna

Real estate information


Apartment count


Building count


Apartment types

studio, 1 br., 2 br., 3 br.

Apartment sizes

studio: 30 - 30 m2
1 br.: 54 - 56 m2
2 br.: 71 - 71 m2
3 br.: 86.5 - 86.5 m2

Public spaces

Clubroom / common area, Drying room, Air-raid shelter, Cold storage room, Outdoor storage room, Attic or cellar or storage room, House sauna


Parking space available. More info Not included in rent.


Service manager/ Property manager


Maintenance company

Unce Oy, Nuijalantie 13, 02630, ESPOO030 660