Talvikkitie 38 A

Vantaa, Tikkurila
1 br+kitchnt

Smooth everyday life in Tikkurila

Modern rental homes close to services

Talvikkitie 38 is located at the corner of Hernetie and Talvikkitie streets. The 6–7-storey building has 132 SATO RentHomes from compact studios and one-bedrooms to spacious homes with a sauna. Thanks to the winding shape of the building, most of the homes are light-filled corner apartments. Some of the studios have a French balcony and the other apartments have a glassed-in balcony. There is a shared courtyard area protected by the building and providing a lovely setting for spending time, meeting neighbours and enjoying the evening sun. The top floor has two sauna sections for residents to use. The apartment-specific and outdoor equipment storage units can be found in the basement, and storage for bikes is also available in a separate building on the grounds. Car parking is mainly available at street level in an indoor parking facility under the raised courtyard from where you have direct indoor lift access to your apartment. There is also a restaurant with seating for around 90 customers on the ground floor. All apartments, including balconies and terraces, as well as the entire building, including outdoor areas, are no-smoking zones.

All apartments, including balconies and terraces, as well as the entire building, including outdoor areas, are no-smoking zones.

Tikkurila offers excellent and diverse public and commercial services supplemented by new developments such as the construction of the new, large-scale Dixi station centre. Tikkurila is only 14 minutes from the centre of Helsinki on the frequent commuter train service. Bus links to the airport are good, and the coming Ring Rail Line will also serve air passengers. Tikkurila is also a hub for buses for eastern Vantaa, and numerous areas around the Helsinki region are within easy access by car along Ring Road III. Day care centres, schools from primary to upper secondary, polytechnics, health services, library, Finnish Science Centre Heureka, facilities for hobbies and physical activity, supermarkets and other shops are all included in Tikkurila's diverse service range. The beautiful scenery along Keravanjoki river for recreational balance amidst a hectic life should not be forgotten, either.

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Attic or cellar or storage room
Baby carriage storage room
Drying room
Glazed balcony
Laundry house
Outdoor storage room
Pets welcomed
House sauna
Air-raid shelter
Smoke free building

Apartment information


Living area

45.5 m2

Apartment type

1 bedroom + kitchenette





Construction year






Laundry room


Non-smoking building

Apartments including balconies, as well as building including courtyard are non-smoking





Water rate


Electric bill

Not included in rent



Home insurance





The rent includes a 50 M broadband connection. Additional speeds are available at a discounted price by contacting the operator Telia.

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Real estate information


Apartment count


Building count


Apartment types

studio, 1 br., 2 br., 3 br.

Apartment sizes

studio: 24 - 35 m2
1 br.: 40 - 53 m2
2 br.: 56.5 - 71.5 m2
3 br.: 73 - 88.5 m2

Energy class


Public spaces

Air-raid shelter, Attic or cellar or storage room, Outdoor storage room, Baby carriage storage room, Laundry house, Drying room, House sauna


Parking space available. More info aspa@asumapalvelut.fi. Not included in rent.


Service manager/ Property manager

Maija Saarniasiakaspalvelu@sato.fi

Maintenance company

Asuma Palvelut, Kannuskuja 2 (Hakunila Vantaa), Suolakivenkatu 20 (Herttoniemi Helsinki)0207 792 300aspa@asumapalvelut.fi