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SATO RentHome

SATO RentHomes offer a solution to those who want a long-term home from a reliable lessor. Rental income from apartments and the development of the value of apartments are prerequisites for the profitability of our business operations.

The location of an apartment remains one of, if not the most important criteria for our customers. SATO's rented homes are concentrated in Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the economic areas of Tampere and Turku region and St. Petersburg. Location also has significant impact on the development of the value of apartments, and that is why approximately 80 per cent of the housing property is located in the Helsinki region. SATO homes are close to public transportation routes and services, which helps us to reduce the carbon footprint caused by our operations.

In the largest cities of Finland, households of one or two people account for 70–80 per cent of all households. In recent years, the proportion of living costs from income has increased, which has strongly directed demand towards smaller apartments. Instead of space, people appreciate functional solutions, a balcony and high-quality surface materials. Of all SATO RentHomes, 70 per cent are 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. SATO's rented homes have an average size of 56.2 m².

Our apartments are homes for our customers, and we want them to enjoy their homes. We take good care of the condition and cleanliness of buildings and outdoor areas. During regular maintenance visits, we inspect any need for maintenance in apartments, SATO House Experts keep an eye on the condition of the houses and yards, and the service manager coordinates all repairs performed in buildings. Our residents can also renovate their homes using SATO's DIY renovation kit, which includes optional materials and tools for a facelift.

Systematic corrective action to develop the quality of SATO's housing portfolio. We monitor the condition of the rental housing tasks every two years service call to repair small defects in connection with surveying and larger repair needs. Apartment inspections are made primarily as a our own activity.

31 March 2022 SATO owned a total of 24,949 housing units. In H1 review period SATO sold over 2,000 apartments in Hämeenlinna, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Oulu, Vihti and Ylöjärvi.

SATO StudioHome

SATO StudioHome is a new housing solution enabling communal living. We are able to offer affordable apartments by reducing the volume of private space and increasing that of shared space. This concept was developed together with young upper secondary school students during a Safari camp and with the innovation team representing SATO's personnel.

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