Competetive tenderin part of our continuous supplier development

Framework agreements and project deliveries can be divided into three phases: Pre-procurement, competitive tendering and supplier selection, and delivery phase.

1) Pre-procurement
Pre-procurement is controlled through the pre-selection process. This process helps ensure the supplier has the capacities and capabilities required for the achievement of the general and project-specific quality and schedule objectives. This is also the phase for evaluations of the supplier’s workplace environment and occupational health and safety as well as prerequisites relating to the environment, sustainability and responsibility.

2) Competitive tendering and supplier selection
Key roles in the launch of the competitive tendering process are played by the assessment of the objectives set for the process, the definition of the service and/or product required, and the setting of possible project-centred objectives. The assessment of tender bids is balanced between requirements relating to costs, production and delivery time, capacity and responsibility.

3) Delivery phase
Deliveries are examined through monitoring, reporting and requirement-setting for deliveries. Depending on the nature of the delivery or deliveries, assessments and reports are produced, for example, for monthly or once-off deliveries in conjunction with or after each delivery. In construction projects, monitoring relating to occupational health and safety, environmental issues, sustainability and responsibility, as well as quality and financial monitoring, takes place continuously. Reports are evaluated by project leaders together with unit management. If necessary, plans for improvements and corrections are developed and monitored in cooperation with suppliers.

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