Code of conduct

SATO aims at long-term, profitable business, based on ethical and sustainable approach in matters concerning economy, people, society and environment.

This Code of Conduct, together with SATO’s values and management culture, form a framework for the company’s operating practice and emphasize commitment to sustainable business.

We have the passion for our task to offer rental housing for those who need it. We improve ourselves for the good of our customers.

When we encounter challenges in our daily work, we keep in minds that compliance with legislation as well as a sustainable and ethical operating practice are the cornerstones of our business and our success.

Reasonable hospitality at SATO

When you wish to gift our personnel, please take a read at our guidelines to reasonable hospitality at SATO.

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Observing the Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been distributed to all SATO employees and it may be viewed on SATO’s website and intranet pages. Furthermore, training for personnel on the subject is held regularly and the introduction of new employees includes a study of this Code of Conduct.

Acting in contradiction with laws, this Code of Conduct or other company rules may lead to disciplinary actions. Possible consequences vary from a warning to dismissal.

SATO’s personnel is required to follow this Code of Conduct.

Whistleblowing channel

Our target to maintain an atmosphere of openness and high ethics in our company and its business. We value honesty and the respect of all our stakeholders.

You have an important role in our success. SATO’s Whistleblowing channel gives you an opportunity to anonymously report any malpractice that you suspect or matters which, in your opinion, are against our company’s values and practices. A person who bona fide reports any misconduct will not suffer from any negative consequences as a result of such report.

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