Helping people to find a home and a job

We are taking part in a project (#kämppäjaduuni) tackling two serious societal problems: homelessness and unemployment. In cooperation with the NGO No Fixed Abode (Vailla vakinaista asuntoa) and 'Iisisti töihin' Project, we are helping project participants to find two important cornerstones for their life: a home and a job.

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The shortage of affordable homes is a key problem in our work. People’s homelessness gets prolonged and other challenges faced by them get deeper when they have to queue for months for an affordable home. We’re happy that the importance of the Housing First approach is also becoming more extensively acknowledged in society: it’s difficult to tackle your other everyday challenges if you don’t have a home,” says Executive Manager Sanna Tiivola from No Fixed Abode.

Why did SATO get involved in the project #kämppäjaduuni to provide homes and jobs?

It’s sad when someone ends up in a vicious cycle where they cannot get a job because they don’t have a home and where they cannot get a home because they don’t have a job. As a big housing provider SATO has the opportunity to help out people who've found themselves in a situation like that. We wanted to take concrete action and we're happy that we found No Fixed Abode and the Rehabilitation Foundation to partner with.

SATO takes part in THL's and Kuntoutussäätiö's Iisisti töihin plan that helps people who are capable to work at least part time to find a supported job.

How does the #kämppäjaduuni project work?

No Fixed Abode guides the participant to apply for a home from SATO and provides support in the apartment application process as well as with practicalities relating to possible benefits. SATO offers the participant a rental home that suits their situation. We also assist in finding employment by utilising our extensive network of partners.

We operate in the space between the authorities and enterprises, which is why the project participants’ self-motivation for finding employment is important. The participation begins with an appointment with a psychologist specialised in working life and a project coordinator, and we operate on a voluntary basis and with respect for individuality, says 'Iisisti töihin' Project Developer Anna-Kaisa Liimatainen from the Iisisti töihin plan.

The project helping people to find a home and a job (#kämppäjaduuni) was launched in spring 2018.

For more information please contact:
Sanna Tiivola, Executive Manager, No Fixed Abode, +358 50 407 9702,
Anna-Kaisa Liimatainen, Hankekehittäjä, työvalmentaja , Iisisti töihin -hanke, tel. +358 40 517 6379

How to join the project?

Are you a long-term unemployed person, with a strong will to get a job? Does the #kämppäjaduuni project sound just like a thing for you?
Apply to join at Vva ry or 'Iisisti töihin' Project (in Finnish)

Experiences of participation

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