In-built sustainability

Many of us cycle to work or opt for public transport. Some of us use carpooling, and everyone is encouraged to take the train when going to meetings from the SATO office to the city centre.

We look after the wellbeing of our co-workers and maintain a positive atmosphere at work to encourage better performance and create a feelgood workplace. We also keep fit – we make short journeys on foot and prefer to take the stairs instead of the lift. Most of us have access to an electric height-adjustable desk to enable a more active sit-to-stand work style.

All of us at SATO take care of health and safety at work and assume responsibility for environmental issues. Any problems with systems must be reported immediately to information management. We turn the lights off when leaving the workstation and switch our computers off for the night. Many of us can already manage entirely without a printer, and the rest of us also make efforts to only print out those documents that are genuinely needed on paper.

Saija, Customer Service Specialist: I want to gain a comprehensive view of the customer's situation

– Sustainability is quite often only associated with environmental issues. Customer Service Specialists’ work also provides opportunities for respect for the environment through small everyday actions such as switching the lights and computer off and using the printer less.

– In my work, however, the biggest sustainability aspect is taking care of the customer contact. I want to represent SATO well and offer our customers the best possible customer experience. I map out their service needs and try to gain a comprehensive view of their situation. In addition to the actual one-to-one contact, this also involves work that is invisible to the customer, such as the confidential processing of customer data and documentation in compliance with privacy and information security criteria.

– As a Customer Service Specialist I also take care of the correctness of information. If I spot any erroneous information in our background systems, I report it so that it gets corrected. Providing information that’s correct is vital in our work with customers.

– I’m often in touch with SATO's partners such as building managers and maintenance companies. I do my best to make sure our cooperation is nice and smooth.

Saija Järvikuona, Customer Service Specialist

Mikko, Sales Representative: I am a part of SATO's sustainable partnerships

– Work as a sales consultant is varied, challenging and fun. Sustainability is pretty much an automatic part of our work as its various elements have recently been discussed a lot in our organisation.

– I want to be part of SATO's excellent customer experience. This means that I do my work with high quality and respect for the customer. In my encounters with customers I provide them with guidance for environmentally friendly and sustainable housing.

– What I do has an impact not only on SATO's image and reputation but also our company’s financial performance. I’m also part of SATO sustainable partnerships as I’m often in touch with building managers, maintenance companies and contractors.

– There’s one sustainability issue that people may not think of immediately – health and safety at work. I take care of health and safety issues in my workplace but there are also regular occasions when I’m responsible for customers’ safety as well: during apartment viewings. Particularly when I take customers to a building that’s still under construction I carry out a risk assessment and take care of personal protective equipment with the contractor. The customer is important to me.

Mikko Kauppi, Sales Representative

Yaron, Head of Purchasing: Purchasing carries a great deal of responsibility as regards sustainability

– Purchasing carries a great deal of responsibility as regards sustainability: We do our share to combat the shadow economy and seek to reduce the consumption of raw materials. We make sure our suppliers’ working conditions and the occupational health care provided for their employees meet our requirements. We select suppliers whose operations do not violate human rights and that do not use child labour.

– Sustainability can also be seen in procurement in the competitive tendering process. We set clear indicators for our tendering and make sure with the SATO staff who ordered the procurement that the quality of the service or product as well as supplier is high enough.

Yaron Nadbornik, Head of Purchasing

Annika, Treasury Manager: I place a focus on transparent reporting on SATO's economic sustainability

– In our financing operations, sustainability is emphasised particularly in the examination of economic sustainability.

– When making financing arrangements or agreements, I consider their impacts on economic sustainability in various market situations throughout their validity. To protect us against interest rate risk, I make sure the risk of interest rate increases does not over the long term in any market situation jeopardise economic sustainability.

– In my work I place a focus on transparent reporting on SATO's economic sustainability. I also use sustainability as my guiding star when compiling and producing material about SATO relating to investor relations.

Annika Petäjistö, form. Treasury Manager, curr. Head of Business Control

Jussi, Project Engineer: Sustainability can be seen in the project engineer’s work on a daily basis

– Planning, instructions, monitoring – sustainability can be seen in the project engineer’s work on a daily basis.

– When I update the planning and design guidelines for SATO’s new-build and renovation projects, I take our environmental objectives and the customer experience into consideration. I also provide our cooperation partners with instructions for their planning and decision-making in accordance with SATO’s sustainability objectives.

– I monitor the quality of our construction projects, meaning our new rental and owner-occupied homes, and look for ways to improve quality. I also monitor the quality of our contractors’ operations and the achievement of our own objectives.

Jussi Väisänen, Project Engineer

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