In-built sustainability

Many of us cycle to work or opt for public transport. Some of us use carpooling, and everyone is encouraged to take the train when going to meetings from the SATO office to the city centre.

We look after the wellbeing of our co-workers and maintain a positive atmosphere at work to encourage better performance and create a feelgood workplace. We also keep fit – we make short journeys on foot and prefer to take the stairs instead of the lift. Most of us have access to an electric height-adjustable desk to enable a more active sit-to-stand work style.

All of us at SATO take care of health and safety at work and assume responsibility for environmental issues. Any problems with systems must be reported immediately to information management. We turn the lights off when leaving the workstation and switch our computers off for the night. Many of us can already manage entirely without a printer, and the rest of us also make efforts to only print out those documents that are genuinely needed on paper.