From plot of land into a home
Opportunities for construction through land acquisitions and zoning processes

Through zoning development and land acquisitions, we create opportunities for building apartments to match general demand for the increasing need for rental apartments in society and for the continuity of our investment activities. Our aim is to build versatile and high-quality apartments for rental housing. We strengthen sustainable urban development by promoting complementary construction in built-in areas to offer more housing options in the existing urban and service structure. Cities are responsible for their zoning processes. SATO takes part in zoning development as an expert and, if necessary, uses additional consultants as specialists.

Investments increase the offering of apartments

Through investments, we build and acquire new apartments, repair apartments we own, improve their energy efficiency and develop the distribution of apartments to match the needs of our customers. New rental apartments in growth centres promote the mobility of the workforce and urban development. We work with architects and specialists when designing apartments, and we order construction work from contractors and supervisory activities from consultants. We steer the design process and inspect new apartments, or order their inspection by third parties to ensure their high level of quality from the start. We purchase existing apartments from other property owners.

We help our customers to find a home

We mainly handle apartment letting and marketing ourselves. We want to understand the housing needs of our customers and find a home that matches their needs. Our aim is to have satisfied customers and to serve them quickly. If SATO does not have an organisation in a specific region, one of its partners will offer rental services.

Enjoyable living

We want that our customers feel at home and focus on living their one-of-a-kind, unique life. We are developing services to make the lives of our customers easier and produce savings, enabling sustainable living for our customers, and encouraging them to make environmentally conscious, sustainable choices. We communicate with our clients in multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Kotona, and through our Customer service. We take good care of the wellbeing of our customers, together with our extensive cooperation network.

Maintenance of apartments and buildings

Our property maintenance services ensure that our apartments maintain their condition and value. An enjoyable and properly looked-after building and outdoor area have an impact on the living experience. SATO is responsible for the management of apartment maintenance and for ordering major repairs. In addition we have SATO House Experts to look after our homes and houses. We acquire some maintenance and all cleaning services from maintenance companies, and supervise the quality of maintenance ourselves. We monitor the consumption of energy and water in our apartments, and we carry out activities that improve energy efficiency, together with our service providers.