Globalisation, digitalisation and sustainable development are changing people’s values and behaviour and offering SATO an opportunity to change its operations. We work to support and create thriving cities, with happy people enjoying a high level of well-being in multifaceted neighbourhoods.

Customer First

In the Customer first program, we set the customer as the driver of our operations. We want to serve our customers even better than before, and to keep in touch with them more frequently.

Since spring 2017, each SATO building has had a designated service manager who knows the residents of their building and takes care of their well-being. At the same time, we introduced the one-contact principle in customer service: the same customer service professional is responsible for the entire case, from the first enquiry all the way to resolution. We hired around 40 new professionals for this and other customer service work.

In 2020 we moved forward with the programme and focused on adapting our organisation and our service processes to respond to our customers’ needs even better. We reinforced our organisation by increasing our personnel, mainly those who work in our buildings close to residents. We believe that this will show as an increase in customer satisfaction in the medium term.

Digital development

OmaSATO is a new digital service for our residents - a home in your pocket. It is developed continuiously with our customers to have more easy-to-use everyday services as well as features that enable neighborhoods to interact with eact other. The possibilities of digitalisation are utilized to enhance even better customer experience, and to create efficient, automated operating models, as well as to build new service networks.

Diversified housing solutions

We are continuously creating new housing concepts for residents in an increasingly urban-centric Finland. Such concepts include the SATO StudioHome building in Martinlaakso in Vantaa.

We will target our growth investments in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, as well as Tampere and Turku where the demand for apartments and the expected value development are the highest.