We are developing the operations of our partner network. The aim is to provide our customers with high-quality, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly products that make housing pleasant and support long-term residence.

To support our selection decisions, we conduct supplier evaluations on new suppliers, covering the financial status, references and resources of the enterprise. We assess the capacity of the enterprise to handle the procurement, including the scale of the procurement in relation to its net sales. It is often necessary to assess the sufficiency of resources and equipment. Where necessary, this assessment also includes subcontractors as well as second- and third-tier suppliers.

Our suppliers must be registered with the register for information stipulated in the Contractor’s Obligations Act (tilaajavastuu.fi). In construction work this also applies to subcontractors.

In conjunction with supplier evaluations, we also examine the supplier’s approaches concerning risk management, quality control and quality control systems, social responsibility, environmental issues, subcontractor chain management, production process, product and/or service quality, cost management as well as responsibility issues relating to labour market legislation. A more detailed description of this process is provided in the separate supplier evaluation document. The evaluation only applies to key suppliers.

Evaluations are conducted by the SATO procurement unit, which will ask for further information where necessary. New suppliers are subjected to authorisation by the procurement unit.

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